• WWII Jeep Sterling Silver Cuff Links

WWII Jeep Sterling Silver Cuff Links

  • $60.00

Ever since I was a kid I wanted a Jeep, a real WWII Jeep, but never got one I just have to make due with my Rolls Royce instead. I think it is the dream of many of us to have one and everytime I see one I feel that urge.These cuff links are a very detail copy of the Jeep I always wanted but in a very small scale and I designed them to be worm on my shirt cuffs. These are handmade in sterling silver and hard soldered to a button back. So if you get a ride and bounce around in a Jeep they will hold up to the punishment.

Model: WG-P-1738CL
Manufacturer: Weingarten Gallery
Shipping Weight 0.50000000 lb

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