US Navy Ring - Style No. 23 (SONUSNavyRingStyleNo23) by

  • Manufacturer: Sons Sales
  • Model: SONUSNavyRingStyleNo23
  • $44.95

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US Navy Ring - Style No. 23 - Sons Sales - US Navy

US Navy Ring - Style No. 23

  • Rhodium plated (What is Rhodium?)
  • Genuine Austrian blue stone. Around the face of the stone are the words United States Navy.
  • On one side of the center stone along the shank is the depiction of the Department of the Navy insignia. 
  • On the other side of the shank is a depiction of the US Navy eagle insignia. 
  • Sizes 7-15 (whole sizes only)
Model: SONUSNavyRingStyleNo23
Manufacturer: Sons Sales
Shipping Weight 0.35000000 lb
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