US Marine Corps Ring - Style No. 10 (SONUSMarineCorpsRingStyleNo10) by

  • Manufacturer: Sons Sales
  • Model: SONUSMarineCorpsRingStyleNo10
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US Marine Corps Ring - Style No. 10 - Sons Sales - US Marine Corps

US Marine Corps Ring - Style No. 10

18K gold electroplated. 
The Marine Corps insignia is etched in 18K gold on the genuine
Austrian crystal stone.
Around the face of the stone are the words United States of Marines.

The Marine Corps logo of Iwo Jima is along the shank on one side and Tun Tavern on the other.

Sizes 7-15 (whole sizes only)

Model: SONUSMarineCorpsRingStyleNo10
Manufacturer: Sons Sales
Shipping Weight 0.35000000 lb
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