• Universal Light Mount-Buckle (STULM-B) by www.specialforces.com

Universal Light Mount-Buckle (STULM-B) by www.specialforces.com

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Universal Light Mount-Buckle - S.O Tech - Flashlights & Lasers

Universal Light Mount-Buckle

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Strap-On Light Mount


The Need:
An affordable light mount that attaches almost any police flashlight to any long arm. An assault rifle is cumbersome enough for building clearing before you add a flashlight to the offhand. And those who can permanently mount a tactical light to their weapon have disadvantaged themselves by adding unneeded weight during outdoor daylight operations. Everybody has played musical flashlights and has seen their share of flashlights duct taped to rifles.


The Answer:
The ULM, patent pending, provides an extremely durable and versatile system for mounting flashlights to your weapon or wrist. Flashlights, ranging in handle width from tiny AA battery lights, such as the Mini Mag Light, to the D cell, such as Mag Lites or Stream Lights, can be fitted without modification to the weapon. The mount secures to almost every fore grip and on most assault and hunting rifles and shotguns, the exception being those with pump action fore grips.

Model: STULM-B
Manufacturer: S.O Tech
Shipping Weight 0.25000000 lb
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