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Shirt Lock

The Best Solution For Keeping Your Shirt Tucked In

Just Lock it in and Keep it in!

Shirt Lock is Airport Friendly!

Go through metal detectors at airports, courthouses and prison security without sounding alarms.

The undergarment belt that will
your shirt locked in all day!

Great for Business, Police and Military Uniforms
Shirt Lock is endorsed by the police!

As Seen in Police, Law Enforcement and Ansom Magazines and at Police Safety Expo 2010 & 2011, Trexpo East, SWAT Round-up 2010 & 2011


Perfect for Golfers, Sports Wear and Professional Athletes

Shirt Lock Makes a Great Gift Idea!

Our Shirt Lock undergarment belt is a great gift idea for the professional on your list!

It's an essential addition to Men's, Women's and Children's Accessories to help keep the polished and professional look.

The Alternative to Shirt Garters
No snaps or straps
100% nylon durable hook on hook material
Keeps your shirt tucked in all day
Less expensive, easier to use than Shirt Stays
All day comfort without the hassle
1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Great gift idea

Shirt Lock - Keeps you looking sharp and your shirt where it belongs!

The Shirt Lock undergarment belt sticks to fabric not skin for that tailored look and feel.

Available in 1" and 1.5" Width. 
Recommended: 1.5" Wide Shirt Lock for Officers wearing a Duty Belt.

Adheres to the fabric of the shirt and the pants. Made of a nylon, hook on hook material 10x the tensile strength of velcro. Unisex belt.

WARNING: Shirt Lock works by using tiny hooks that attach themselves to the fabric, holding it in place. These hooks may cause damage to some fabrics.

Shirt Lock 1" Width

Single Shirt Lock undergarment belt in the 1" wide variety.

32" (waist size up to 30")                    # 816667

40" (waist size up to 38")                   # 816672

Shirt Lock 1.5" Width

Single Shirt Lock undergarment belt in the 1.5" wide variety.

40" (waist size up to 38")                   # 816670

50" (waist size up to 48")                   # 816671

60" (waist size up to 58")                   # 816669

70: (waist size up to 68")

Made in U.S.A.


Shirt Lock: How to Wear Video

Model: WD816
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