• TUFD (  Tactical Universal Floatation Device ) (SFGUFD) by www.specialforces.com

TUFD ( Tactical Universal Floatation Device ) (SFGUFD) by www.specialforces.com

  • Manufacturer: Benthic
  • Model: SFGUFD
  • $235.00

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TUFD ( Tactical Universal Floatation Device ) - Benthic - Rescue Swimmer

TUFD ( Tactical Universal Floatation Device )




UFD - Universal Flotation Device - In action in water with rifle




This compact tactical floatation device was designed to provide multiple floatation options during tactical water operations and training. It can act as an emergency life saving device for involuntary water entry, tactically for water infiltrations, for example breaching rivers, a rescue device for drowning people, to recover equipment and objects underwater, and it can also be used to provide floatation for gear and equipment. The light weight compact design with an adustable detachable tether allows you to position the TUFD anywhere on your tactical gear you can comfortably reach the activation pull cord. The tether is adjustable keeping the floatation bladder always within easy reach.

The tether cord also detaches making it easy to use for rescue or recovering objects from underwater.

Attachment: It attaches in many different ways, it Molles on, belt loops on to your belt (fits a standard duty belt), and it can be attached by snap link to the D ring.

Activation: The TUFD inflates in two modes. In emergency mode it auto inflates in seconds by pulling the activation cord which uses a 38 gram CO2 cartridge. Manually it easily inflates using the oral inflator. The TUFD is designed to be reusable by replacing the CO2 cartridge and repacking the bladder in about a minute’s time.

The chest strap keeps your head up if you become unconscious from injuries, need to rest or sleep.

The TUFD makes an excellent tactical floatation device to use for breaching rivers and with the quick disconnect the flotation bladder can be instantly discarded or deflated and stowed away. Reusable it takes just seconds to deflate and a minute or so to repack.

Using the TUFD as a rescue device the bladder quick disconnects and can be handed or hooked on to the drowning person with a snap link preventing them from grabbing hold of you in a panic. If the person is unconscious, by using the chest strap they will float face up and you can tow them to safety.

 Lift capacity is approximately 50lbs. We repeatedly tested the TUFD at a depth of 10ft in a swimming pool with a cool water temperature 74°F with 50lbs of gear including weapon. Lift will vary up or down depending on temperature, depth, type of gear and how gear is packed. Water obstacles pose unexpected hazards to military and law enforcement, the TUFD answers these challenges with a new innovation in Tactical floatation designed to provide operators with another useful preparedness tool to add to their kit.

 The TUFD Tactical Universal Floatation Device was specially designed to give a soldier with battle gear (minus pack) a floatation device that can conviently attach from waist up, anywhere he chooses that he can reach to activate it; without the restrictions and discomfort of water wings or similar devices. It can be used as a emergency floatation device, a device to negotiate water obstacles and a device to provide floatation for equipment for example on boat operations.

UFD - Universal Flotation Device - Stored on beltUses:
• Emergency floatation device
• Floatation to negotiate and cross water obstacles
• Flotation device for rescue swimmers
• Floatation device for equipment
• Floatation for underwater recovery of objects and
explosive devices

Lift capability:
We rate it for 40lbs of lift with 38 gram CO2 cartridge. We tested it with 50lbs at 10ft depth a warm day, water temperature 74°F,  lift was good and buoyancy was good.

• Bladder with attached waist strap
• Tether with quick disconnect (rated for 300lbs) and
    looped end
• Halkey detonator uses 38 gram 3/8” thread (cartridge not included)
• Halkey Oral valve (inflator)
• Over pressure valve
• Compact deployment case with molle attachment
• D-Ring
• Molle
• Belt loop
• Optional
harness assembly quick release buckles



• Harness assembly
• Auto detonator with water sensor
• Bladder blaze orange or black  

Size: 6”  Tall x 3” deep x 3” wide
Tether: 22” long x 1” wide
Bladder: (Bowtie shaped) uninflated flat 37” wide x 14” at its tallest and 8” at its narrowest. Inflated 33” x 11” x 5.5”narrowest and 26” circumferance
Weight: 1.35lbs with cartridge

• 1000 Denier Cordura® urethane coated 1.75oz, nylon mesh 18oz
• Bladder: 200 Denier single urethane coated nylon
• YKK® zippers
• 100% nylon webbing  

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UFD - Universal Flotation Device - Bladder detail view (front)
UFD - Universal Flotation Device - Bladder detail view (BacK)UFD - Universal Flotation Device - Pouch detail view UFD - Universal Flotation Device - Front detail view

Manufacturer: Benthic
Shipping Weight 1.50000000 lb
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