• U.S. Army Ranger Handbook (Paperback) (FX59-63) by www.specialforces.com

U.S. Army Ranger Handbook (Paperback) (FX59-63) by www.specialforces.com

  • Manufacturer: Fox
  • Model: FX59-63
  • $10.95

U.S. Army Ranger Handbook (Paperback) - Fox - Field & Survival

U.S. Army Ranger Handbook (Paperback)

U.S. Army Ranger Handbook

2006/SH 21-76

The latest handbook available-Replaces the 2000 version. This 2006 Ranger Handbook has been chocked full of Ranger expertise - The How Do's and Don'ts of the Trade. With 328 pages of clear and precise details of combat, communications, boobytraps, repelling, survival and demolitions. This is the Real Stuff taught and used by all Arm Forces in Combat.

Model: FX59-63
Manufacturer: Fox
Shipping Weight 0.40000000 lb
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