U.K. M.O.E. Kit (BHDE-UKMOEK) by www.specialforces.com

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U.K. M.O.E. Kit - Black Hawk - Bomb Tech - Breacher Tools

U.K. M.O.E. Kit

Designed for Special Forces units worldwide, our U.K. MOE Kit is the tactical entry kit of choice for most reinforced breaching operations and features the CQB Ram, Super BoltMaster and the newly redesigned U.K. Hallagan Tool. Featuring a hardened steel glass buster head for break and rake operations, the U.K. Hallagan Tool also utilizes the newly redesigned tempered stainless steel wedge that features friction ridges on all contact surfaces that are counter-angled to the head. Designed specifically to grip breaching surfaces securely, these counter-angled friction ridges provide stability during breaching operations and prevent tool slippage.


Manufacturer: Black Hawk
Shipping Weight 45.00000000 lb
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Tags: u.k., m.o.e., kit, bomb, tech, breacher, tools, bhde-ukmoek