• Cold Weather Survival (A7036-F59-37) by www.specialforces.com

Cold Weather Survival (A7036-F59-37) by www.specialforces.com

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Cold Weather Survival - Special Forces Gear - Field & Survival

Cold Weather Survival

Cold Weather Survival

TC 21-3

Military history of operations in northern areas shows that man's success or failure is measured by his regard for the dominant characteristics of a cold-weather environment. For a soldier to become a cold-weather expert, he must learn the techniques and rules needed to fight and live in a cold-weather climate.

The manual covers subjects such as clothing and gear, tents and heaters, arms and ammunition, rations and diet, hygiene/first-aid, individual movement, land navigation, wind chill, emergency signals, and much more.

This handbook is an aid for soldiers in cold climates. However, expertise in dealing with cold-weather operations cannot be gained just from reading this handbook. To develop successful cold-weather field techniques, application training and operational experience is necessary.


5-1/2" x 4"

4.3 oz

Model: A7036-F59-37
Manufacturer: Special Forces Gear
Shipping Weight 0.50000000 lb
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