• Splash Proof Compression Bag (DDSPDB-SSEV) by www.specialforces.com

Splash Proof Compression Bag (DDSPDB-SSEV) by www.specialforces.com

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Splash Proof Compression Bag - Drift Dry - Bags & Dry Bags

Splash Proof Compression Bag

Dry bags fill the needs that are in all four end users: military, maritime professional, maritime LE & first responders. However, often an end user will properly secure a dry bag only to have too much in the bag not allowing for better compression without repacking. Our Splash Proof Dry Bag w/Exhaust Valve incorporates an external exhaust valve to bleed off any trapped air in the system causing a potential over inflation.

SPECIFICATIONS: Water resistant closure with Fastex * Exhaust valve
Small 10″x 20″ — .35 lbs Price $69
Medium 12″x 22″ — .38 lbs Price $78
Large 14″x 24″ — .50 lbs Price $85
Extra-Large 16″x 26″ — .60 lbs Price $89

Material: 200 Denier double coated polyurethane nylon

Manufacturer: Drift Dry
Shipping Weight 0.35000000 lb
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