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Snipers and dedicated marksmen everywhere need to strike their targets without being seen. This is only possible with the right equipment. is the complete source for sniper gear and accessories with top quality design and affordability. Get all the essentials from one location. Choose from a wide range of items such as bags, harnesses, covers and packs that make it possible to complete the mission. Snipers need to travel light. Space and availability make all the difference. Get equipment that elite forces around the world count on every day. All gear is rugged, reliable offered at the lowest possible prices. has a full line of sniper products that are tested and proven for durability out in the field.

Accomplishing the mission is the only priority. Do what needs to be done with the help of equipment and accessories from Snipers and other accomplished marksmen have different needs than other kinds of shooters. Sniper gear has to work well every time. Have the help of gear that is made for durability and reliability. It does not matter if it is an incursion behind enemy lines or hunting game in the wilderness. It pays to have the best tactical gear by your side. We commit to providing top quality equipment for military and law enforcement professionals alike. Get everything from logbooks and shooter’s bags to mission bags and rifle packs. Have the best place to stow that important gear and record vital mission data. We are the one-stop shop for those that need the best tactical accessories.

Snipers and shooters of all kinds need specialized equipment. That is why we offer items such as hydration harnesses, sniper mats and rifle pouches. Gain the advantage in both urban or wilderness settings with clothing and protective gear from the experts. Accuracy is key. Choose equipment that helps you do the job and get out alive. We carry the latest gear that helps marksmen to perform their best. Our dedicated research team scours the globe for the best sniper equipment and tactical accessories. Make the job easier by getting equipment that is proven by veterans and active personnel everywhere to get results.

Tactical Tailor Sniper Data Book
Voodoo Tactical Marksman Data Book
So Tech Mission Go Bag - SALE!
So Tech Mission Go Bag - SALE!


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