• S.O. TECH TASER X26 Holster Thigh / Belt Rig (STTHATBR) by www.specialforces.com

S.O. TECH TASER X26 Holster Thigh / Belt Rig (STTHATBR) by www.specialforces.com

  • Manufacturer: S.O Tech
  • Model: STTHATBR
  • $80.00

S.O. TECH TASER X26 Holster Thigh / Belt Rig - S.O Tech - TASER Accessories

S.O. TECH TASER X26 Holster Thigh / Belt Rig

Due to seasonal demand production lead times have been temporarily increased to 2 WEEKS for products that are IN STOCK, and 8 WEEKS for products that are OUT OF STOCK.

X-26 Taser Holster Ambidextrous Thigh / Belt Rig


The Need:
With no room on your duty belt where do you carry your TASER X26 where the electronics wont be damaged or seen, while remaining tactically accessible?


The Answer:
S.O.Tech developed the TASER X26 to answer all of the carry questions:

Ambidextrous design allows for easy armory check out.

Flap and buckle combination prevent accidental misidentification from lethal weapon holster.

Fastex and Velcro™ flap provides maximum weapon retention.

Double loop arrangement allows wearer to mount Belt Hanger Adapter and leg strap for thigh rig configuration, or to leave these off for a duty belt configuration.

Speed Clip belt hanger adapter (BHA) allows Taser to be left in car when not it use and snapped on in seconds when rolling up to a Taser situation. This reduces clutter on leg, back strain, public view, and opportunities for damage.

Two removable cartridge pouches with Velcro™ flap.

Foam padded body and flap protect against damage.

Padding keeps holster shape and fused buckle aid in reholstering.

Reversible leg strap allows for personal prefence of buckle position.

Foam padding provides comfortable ride.

Low profile design prevents hangup.

Manufacturer: S.O Tech
Shipping Weight 1.30000000 lb
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