• McNett Sea Drops (R4307) by www.specialforces.com

McNett Sea Drops (R4307) by www.specialforces.com

  • Manufacturer: Rothco
  • Model: R4307
  • $7.19

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McNett Sea Drops - Rothco - Eyewear

McNett Sea Drops

Keep your goggles and lens' clear with McNett Sea Drops! These Sea Drops are formulated with a concentrated 2-in-1 liquid. It cleans and provides anti-fog protection, allowing crystal-clear vision when diving. McNett Sea Drops are safe for all dive lenses and is non-toxic, alcohol-free. They also work well with tactical goggles, eye and sunglasses, face masks and more. 

Model: R4307
Manufacturer: Rothco
Shipping Weight 0.00000000 lb
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