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Customer Comments
I am a Cpl. in the Army and just returned from Iraq. I carried my shotgun all year on my back in your shotgun scabbard, and it worked great! I was glad to have it around several times, and it proved to be an easy way to keep the shotgun handy for the squad. Thanks for your great product, and for your support of our troops!!

Cpl. C.R. [omitted]
36th Infantry Div.

Got the T-shirt....IT ROCKS!!!!

Thanks guys
kelly [omitted]

Dear Sir, The Falcon Chest Harness finally arrived to me at Camp Taji, Iraq. Thank You! It is now set up for fitting over my IOTV and Battle Ready!!!

[name omitted]

(already the guys are asking who to order one from, so you might be getting a few more requests!!!).

Dear SF company.

Thank-you for sending another t-shirt it looks great the boys in the unit will want one when they see it. I'll be sending them right to you.

Thanks again.

Another happy customer
Bob Miller

When I was stationed at Camp Pendleton I was in Weapons Company 3/5. The unit made us t-shirts with the 3/5 logo/emblem/crest, "Consumate Professionals". I was honorable discharged in 1999 and the t-shirt has been long-gone. I searched a couple of web site to find a shirt with the logo/emblem/crest but there was no luck. It didn't take me long to search this site before I found what I was looking for. When the shirt arrived it was better than what I expected. I love the t-shirt and wear it with pride and often. Thank you SpecialForces.com

Most Sincerely,
Bryan P.

Thank you!!!

Your Shirts are the best.


Dear SFG,

Thank you for being so prompt with my order, and the refund as well.

I thought a little constructive thoughts were in order.

The "HRT" boot knife is well constructed. I had to "hone" the edge though, both sides,to get it up to spec.

As for the "GI USMC Combat Knife"......Well, it wasn't really a K-Bar, at least not one that I've ever seen. It read "US", and above that it read "Ontario". No worries though, after I used a ceramic sharpening stone on both the small back edge and the full length edge, I'm quite pleased with them both. Oh, I almost forgot, both were very pretty well balanced.

I'll be purchasing again from you in the near future.

Ed Whiteside

Dear Special Forces

I received my order i have to say that is better than i expected! Thank you and you'll hear fom me soon.


They turned out GREAT!!!!!! Thanks. I will be back for other things.


Thanks Folks. As always you have been most polite and professional. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jack And Melanie Edgar


OMG! That looks awesome! Is there any logo on the front? Can I buy these off the website? I'm sure a lot of SWCC guys are going to want these!

Thank you,

Amanda Van Every


We love the art work. They are awesome. I'll be ordering mine right after this. Thanks for all the work. I am recommending you guys to all the other battalions and ODA's.



Just to let you know all items have been recieved, fantastic quality as all ways.

Cheers Andrew and best wishes for the New Year.
Dave's Message
The Founders

"I have long been convinced that our enemies have made it an Object, to eradicate from the Minds of the People in general a Sense of true Religion (Christianity) & Virtue, in hopes thereby the more easily to carry their Point of enslaving them. Indeed my Friend, this is a Subject so important in my mind, that I know not how to leave it. Revelation assures us that 'Righteousness exalteth a Nation'-Communities are dealt with in this World by the wise and just Ruler of the Universe. He rewards them or punishes them according to their general Character. The diminution (diminishing) of publick Virtue is usually attended with that of publick Happiness and the publick Liberty will not long survive the total Extinction of Morals."

- Samuel Adams, April 30, 1776
The Father of America's Independence

Founding Fathers of the 
United States Of America

When our forefathers mentioned the word religion they were referring to Christianity not other religions. The real object of the First Amendment was not to approve or tolerate, much less to advance rival religions like Mohammedanism, Buddhism, Environmentalism, Humanism, ect. or infidelity by prostrating Christianity, but to exclude all rivalry among Christian sects and to prevent any national church establishment which should give to a hierarchy [a denominational council] the exclusive patronage of the national government. I mention this because revisionists have exploited true history by distorting the meaning of words and our Founders original intent. I should like to think that rational people would prefer the truth and then decide what they agree with or not and not perpetuate lies instead of facts.

Additionally our Founders recognized the threat that some religions can be destructive to our nation. For example at that time the Church of England and the Roman Catholics posed a threat because they were loyal to the Pope instead of their country. Similar to what we have today with Muslims their loyalty is only to Mohamed and Sharia Law the sacred Laws of Islam which they put above the Laws and customs of our nation which poses a dangerous threat to our freedom and way of life.

America's First Governments

Boston Tea PartyThe original colonies created a charter that provided adequate civil government. However, as population increased, so did the need for more elaborate governments. It was this need which resulted in the "fundamental Orders of Connecticut" - not only the first constitution written in the United States but also the direct antecedent of our current federal Constitution. The "Fundamental Orders" explained why that document had been created.

[W]ell knowing when a people are gathered together, the word of God requires that to maintain the peace and union of such a people, there should be an orderly and decent government established according to God.

That constitution next declared the colonists' desire to:

Enter into combination and confederation together to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus which we now profess . . . which, according to the truth of the said Gospel, is now practiced amongst us.

Later that year (1639), when the colonists of Exeter, New Hampshire, established a government, that document similarly declared:

Considering with ourselves the holy will of God, and our own necessity that we should not live without wholesome laws and civil government among us, of which we are altogether destitute; do in the name of Christ and In the sight of God combine ourselves together to erect and set up among us such government as shall be to our best discerning agreeable to the will of God.

The Ride of Paul RevereIn 1643, the colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Plymouth, and New Haven joined together to form the New England Confederation-America's first government. These colonies banded together because, as that document explained, each had similar goals:

We all came into these parts of America with one and the same end and aim, namely to advance the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1669, John Locke assisted in the drafting of the Carolina constitution under which no man could be a citizen unless he acknowledged God, was a member of a church and used no "reproachful, reviling, or abusive language" against any religion.

When Quaker minister William Penn established the 1682 "Frame of Government of Pennsylvania," he prefaced the document with a lengthy exegesis of the spiritual and Biblical nature of civil government, chronicling its general progress and referring to numerous Scripture references.

These, and numerous similar documents, establish that Christianity was the basis for civil government in the New World.

The Founding of Education in America

George Washington at WarMany settlers that had come to America had suffered persecution for their Christian beliefs at the hands of other "Christians" (many of the civil abuses of Europe inexcusably occurred under the banner of Christianity - the Inquisition, the Crusades, etc.). When Europe finally began to move away from such abuses, it did so because of the efforts of leaders like Martin Luther, John Wycliffe, John Huss, William Tyndale, and others. These individuals believed that it was the Biblical illiteracy of the people which had permitted so many civil abuses to occur; that is, since the common man was not permitted to read the Scriptures for himself, his knowledge of rights and wrongs was limited to what his civil leaders told him. This is always the case with power mad tyrants they do not want people thinking independently for themselves.

The American settlers, having been exposed to the Reformation teachings believe that the proper protection from civil abuses in America could be achieved by eliminating Biblical illiteracy. In this way, the citizens themselves (rather than just their leaders) could measure the acts of their civil government compared to the teachings of the Bible. Consequently, one of the first laws providing public education for all children (the "Old Deluder Satan Law," passed in Massachusetts in 1642 and in Connecticut in 1647) was a calculated attempt to prevent the abuse of power which can be imposed on a Biblically-illiterate people. That public school law explained not only why students needed an education but also how it was to be accomplished:

"It being one chief project of that old deluder, Satan, to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures, as in former time. . . . It is therefore ordered . . .[that] after the Lord hath increased [the settlement] to the number of fifty householders, [they] shall then forthwith appoint one within their town, to teach all such children as shall resort to him, to write and read. . . . And it is further ordered, that where any town shall increase to the number of one hundred families or householders, they shall set up a grammar school . . . to instruct youths, so far as they may be fitted for the university."

It was not uncommon for subsequent American literacy laws to stress the need to know the Scriptures. For example, the 1690 Connecticut law declared:

Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well the main end of his life and studies is to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life (JOHN 17:3) and therefore to lay Christ in the bottom as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning. And seeing the Lord only giveth wisdom let every one seriously set himself by prayer in secret to seek it of Him (PROVERBS 2:3). Every one shall so exercise himself in reading the Scriptures twice a day that he shall be ready to give such an account of his proficiency therein.

Harvard had similar requirements that changed little over subsequent years. For example, the 1790 rules required:

All persons of what degree forever residing at the College, and undergraduates . . . shall constantly and seasonably attend the worship of God in the chapel, morning and evening. . . All the scholars shall, at sunset in the evening preceding the Lord's Day, lay aside all their diversions and. . . .it is enjoined upon every scholar carefully to apply himself to the duties of religion on said day.

So firmly was Harvard dedicated to this goal that its two mottos were "For the Glory of Christ" and "For Christ and the Church" This school and its philosophy produced signers John Adams, John Hancock, Elbridge Gerry, John Pickering, William Williams, Rufus King, William Hooper, William Ellery, Samuel Adams, Robert Treat Paine, and numerous other illustrious Founders.

Then in 1743, and again in 1755, Yale instructed its students:

Above all have an eye to the great end of all your studies, which is to obtain the clearest conceptions of Divine things and to lead you to a saving knowledge of God in his Son Jesus Christ.

Its 1787 rules declared:

All the scholars are required to live a religious and blameless life according to the rules of God's Word, diligently reading the holy Scriptures, that fountain of Divine light and truth, and constantly attending all the duties of religion . . . . . All the scholars are obliged to attend Divine worship in the College Chapel on the Lord's Day and on Days of Fasting and Thanksgiving appointed by public Authority.

It was this school and its philosophy which produced signers Oliver Wolcott, William Livingston, Lyman Hall, Lewis Morris, Jared Ingersoll, Philip Livingston, William Samuel Johnson, and numerous other distinguished Founders.

In 1746 Princeton was founded by the Presbyterians with the Rev. Jonathan Dickinson as its first president. He was followed by a long line of illustrious ministers who served as presidents, including Aaron Burr, Sr., Jonathan Edwards, Samuel Davies, and Samuel Finley (all of whom were involved in America's greatest revival-the Great Awakening). Its president immediately preceding the Revolution was the Rev. Dr. John Witherspoon, later a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a venerated leader among the patriots. Notice some of Princeton's requirements while John Witherspoon was president:

Every student shall attend worship in the college hall morning and evening at the hours appointed and shall behave with gravity and reverence during the whole service. Every student shall attend public worship on the Sabbath. . . . Besides the public exercises of religious worship on the Sabbath, there shall be assigned to each class certain exercises for their religious instructions suited to the age and standing of the pupils . . . and no student belonging to any class shall neglect them.

Signers James Madison, Richard Stockton, Benjamin Rush, Gunning Bedford, Jonathan Dayton, and numerous other prominent Founders, graduated from Princeton (a seminary for the training of ministers).

Perhaps George Washington, "The Father of the Country," provided the most succinct description of America's educational philosophy when Chiefs from the Delaware Indian tribe brought him three Indian youths to be trained in American schools. Washington first assured the Chiefs that "Congress . . . will look upon them as their own children," and then commended the Chiefs for their decision, telling them that:

"You do well to wish to learn our arts and ways of life, and above all, the religion of Jesus Christ. These will make you a greater and happier people that you are. Congress will do everything they can to assist you in this wise intention."

By George Washington's own words, what youths learned in America's schools "above all" "the religion of Jesus Christ."

Early statesmen understood that if we "went to sleep," our government would become corrupt and tyrannical, resulting in political slavery of its citizens. Only if citizens remained alert and active stewards could this condition be avoided. Perhaps President James A Garfield, himself a Christian minister, most succinctly articulated this truth when he reminded Americans:

Now, more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless, and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness, and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature. . . . If the next centennial does not find us a great nation. . . . it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.

People must learn to think independently using principals based on truth as our forefathers did. Benjamin Rush serves as a good roll model for thinking independently. He not only signed the Declaration of Independence, he also served in the Presidential administrations of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison - each of whom came from a different political party. How could Benjamin Rush serve for Presidents from three different parties, and what was his own party affiliation? He once proclaimed:

I have been alternately called an aristocrat and a democrat. I am now neither. I am a Christocrat. I believe all power . . . will always fail of producing order and happiness in the hands of man. He alone who created and redeemed man is qualified to govern him.

Benjamin Rush made his choice of candidates based on which one better stood for Godly principles, no matter his party affiliation. As Proverbs 29:2 accurately states: "When the righteous" - not the Republicans, the Democrats, or any other party - but "When the righteous rule, the people rejoice, when the wicked rule, the people groan." The love of correct principles - not the love of a party-I the key to effective political involvement; the government of this nation will be blessed only to the extent that God-fearing and moral individuals are placed in office. Of course today it seems the only choice we often have is the lesser of 2 evils but the principals still apply.

Each generation has a great responsibility to maintain and pass on principals and freedom but in my generation we have continued thus far to subvert the Constitution and rights of the individuals and it makes me wonder what legacy will we leave the next generation? Obviously, the choice is ours; but having this choice, we should heed the warning delivered to citizens in 1803 when the Reverend Matthias Burnet charged:

Finally, ye. . . whose high prerogatives it is to . . . invest with office and authority or to withhold them and in whose power it is to save or destroy your country, consider well the important trust

. . . which God. . . . has put into your hands. To God and posterity you are accountable for them. . . Let not children have reason to curse you for giving up those rights and prostrating those institutions which your fathers delivered to you.

For the sake of this generation, as well as future ones, we must be active. As John Hancock urged:

I conjure you, by all that is dear, by all that is honorable, by all that is sacred, not only that ye pray but that ye act.

The responsibilities facing God-fearing citizens are somber, and the potential repercussions from our actions - or lack thereof - are both far-reaching and long lasting. Remember that where citizen complacency rules, wrong principles and policies will abound; and when it comes to sound government, the enemy is seldom "them"; it is generally citizen apathy. Hopefully we will have a wake up call reflected in our next election.

What I have presented was not meant to confuse you about whether we were or should be a Christian Nation for we never have been. Statue
 of LibertyOur Fore Fathers were careful by restricting in our Constitution in the First Amendment the Federal Government from mandating any religion and the states in there constitutions followed suit, leaving it to individuals to choose. A Christian Nation means Christianity would be mandated by the government which would create tyranny. It is correct to say we were a nation created under God with Christian principles which is the source of the great freedoms we enjoyed in the past and should continue to be perpetuated. True Christianity as practiced by our forefathers is all about freedom which in itself guarantees there will be Christians and non Christians as long as we have freedom in our country. Our forefathers knew that the Bible provides certain principles and mandates designed not just for Christians but some were also pertinent to the whole human race if they were to live free and not exterminate itself. Some of these laws and principles common to everyone are morality, Ten Commandments and establishment principles which promote self determination (freedom of choice), marriage, family and government which are essential to perpetuate and maintain the freedom our country enjoyed in the past. These things are the responsibility of parents to teach and should be reinforced in our schools and churches instead of undermined or not taught as we see today.



Excerpts came from:
Samuel Adams: A Life by Ira Stoll and
Original Intent by David Barton

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July 3rd, 2010 
Tri-Stage Poker Run to SturgisTri-Stage Poker Run to Sturgis
July 3rd, 2010

The Sturgis Riders Rally organization is putting on an event in Sturgis, South Dakota this July 4th weekend, which they have chosen to support the S.D. Make A Wish Foundation and the  Special Operations Warrior Foundation once again with this years event in honor of Deb's son Capt. Derek Argel, USAF 23rd Special Tactics Squadron.

KIA Memorial Day, 2005
Diyala, Iraq "First There, that Others may Live"


ODA 524 Patch


We are currently on our 5th rotation in Iraq and the logo has
served us well, it's a favorite among other teams and the other
soldiers running around.

ODA 524

News Letter Feedback

Excellent Article! Very rational and objective. Brings clarity to the sometimes cloudy subject of, common sense....

This is excellent. I am a 60 y/o surgeon. Last year I was diagnosed with leukemia, received a bone marrow transplant and am thankfully doing well. I am writing a book on American virtues and would like to reference your work. Do you have a preference on how the citation should read? I never served, my lottery number was just above threshold for my year. I went to medical school instead. I have been a pediatric surgeon specializing in urinary reconstruction and renal transplantation for about 25 years.

All the best,

Good article, i need to look up the pamphlet and read it.

OUTSTANDING ......i train my rookies and tell them common sense in our line of work is as important to them as good tactics.

Officer Andrew LA PD

Wow Dave! This is really good stuff. I recently seem to find myself more and more in arguments or discussions about the current state the country. Friends and family that use the logic and knowledge gained from a small liberal mid-west University, seem to defend the "Village" nannied society that we have become at all cost - even though it is completely ill-logical to and what seems like bad common sense to me. These newsletters are a reminder that I am not alone and for that I am grateful. I must also say I really like how you add God to the topic, you remind me that that is why this country was formed and the heart of our being. I might just pick up a bible once to remind myself of that common sense too.


The hat came in today and I could not be anymore PLEASED! It's perfect. Thanks for all of the extra effort you guys had to go through. It is just in time too. I probably will be out at our test site in Nevada next month and will really get to break it in. I expect when the rest of the CAT team see the hat that they would want one (or more) too
Word of Truth
The Word Of Truth - Alive 
and Powerful

The Word of Truth

By Rev G.J. Rako

LTC (Ret)


Under The Stars

On November 22, under the stars of an alien sky somewhere in the South Pacific, Philip Welsher, 22 of the United States Marines, breathed his last. Mother and Dad and his beloved home were far away, horror, violence and devastation were all around. But Phil was "looking up", far beyond the stars, into the face of His Savior.

Phil's last message to his mother and dad was written more than a year before his death. His pals found it among his few possessions and mailed it home at once, in accordance with the request found on the envelope. He wrote:

Dear Folks,

I am writing this letter in the hope that after my death it will be forwarded to you. My purpose in writing this is twofold. First that you may be assured that, while we are temporarily separated, we know that we shall soon be joined together with Christ in the presence of God. As I write this I am in very little danger, but who can tell what the morrow may bring? We simply trust God to give us the victory in temporal things as well as spiritual matters.

As I pass on;, I wish to leave behind a testimony to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that God may be glorified in my death more than He was in my life. Today, knowing that I may very soon be called to give an account of myself, I can say that I am trusting only in Jesus Christ who died as a sacrifice for my sins that I might have eternal life. He paid the price with His own precious life, and by simple faith in Him I am cleansed from all unrighteousness.

I am now with Jesus, and all is well with my soul. Jesus said; "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me shall never die."  (John 11:25,26)

My second purpose in writing this letter, Dad, is that you might make the way of salvation clear to a friend to whom I have written a similar letter. Give the message as from me that "Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures." (I Cor. 15:3,4). Say also, that in Him shall we meet again.

Dry your tears, Mom, a son has been called Home, where he waits to be joined by the dearest parents a boy could have. Perhaps consolation may be found in knowing that when we shall again be together, it shall be even as He promised: "God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain for the former things are passed away." (Rev. 21:4)

My life and the lives of my buddies have not been given in vain. We have fought and died to maintain those God-given liberties with which we have been bless. Now, for just a little while, I would say, good-bye, and God be with you till we meet again.

Your loving son,


This letter written during World War II,  perfectly expresses the profile of a Christian warrior.

From the book In Harms Way, by R.B. Thieme, Jr.
The Word of Truth
By Rev G.J. Rako
LTC (Ret)

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Blue Warrior
Blue WarriorBlue Warrior
with Sgt. Glenn French

Principles of
Personal Defense:

Jeff cooper had this to say about self defense.

Violent crime is feasible only if its victims are cowards. A victim who fights back makes the whole business impractical. It is true that a victim who fights back may suffer for it, but one who does not almost certainly will suffer for it. And, suffer or not, the one who fights back retains his dignity and self respect.

I think this story supports Jeff Coopers stance on self defense

The Story of Jonathan R. Davis, 1816-1890s

"Possibly the single most extraordinary feat of self-defense by an American civilian in the annals of frontier history" John Boessenecker

In the annals of Western gunfighting, there are a few cases in which one man killed three opponents. In 1866, lawman Steve Venard killed three stage robbers near Nevada City, California. In 1881, Marshall Dallas Stoudenmire killed three men in a gunfight in El Paso. In 1887, Sheriff Commodore Perry Owens killed three men resisting arrest in Holbrook, Arizona Territory. However, in 1854, the performance of one man in a little-known gunfight involved 14 participants, 13 of whom died, 11 of those at the hands of one man. The last man standing, victor in one of the most spectacular affrays of all time, was a veteran of the Mexican War named Jonathan R. Davis.

Davis was born on August 5, 1816, into a wealthy family in Fairfield County, South Carolina. In December 1846, when the Palmetto Regiment of the South Carolina Volunteers was organized for the Mexican War, Davis enlisted for a six-month tour. He was promoted to second lieutenant and signed up for a second tour in July 1847. On August 20 of that year he was wounded at the Battle of Churubusco, where the regiment's commander, Pierce M. Butler, was killed leading a charge in the face of devastating fire. Less than a month later, the regiment was in the vanguard of the final assault on Mexico City and was the first to plant its flag on the city walls.

Davis participated in five battles and was discharged at war's end with the honorary rank of captain.

With the defeat of Mexico, the United States took possession of California at the same time that gold was discovered there. Captain Davis made his way to the gold fields in 1849. He made a name for himself in the diggings as a first-class pistol shot and "second to none" in fencing.

Thousands of young, rootless men flooded into the unsettled areas of California, seeking their fortune, and bandits soon followed. It was a land without formal government or law, through which men rarely traveled unarmed. On December 19, 1854, Davis was walking with two other prospectors, Dr. Bolivar A. Sparks of Mississippi and James C. MacDonald of

Alabama, up a trail through Rocky Canyon, in the Sierra Foothills in the northwest portion of El Dorado County. It was a remote area. Except for a 17-man mining camp at the trailhead a mile distant, there were no inhabitants within 7 miles. The three men were heading 24 miles north to work a claim staked by sparks. All were armed with revolvers.

A band of robbers had prepared an ambush and were hiding in the brush alongside the trail. The gang comprised two Americans, one Frenchman, five "Sydney ducks" (convicts from Australia), four Mexicans, and two men just arrived from London. They had commenced operations just three days previously and had already robbed and killed six Chinese men and four Americans.

As the prospectors reached the ambush point, the bandits sprang out from hiding and began shooting. There was no call for "your money or your life"--the bandits intended to take both.

MacDonald was killed before he could draw his pistol. Sparks got off two shots and then collapsed with bullet wounds. Davis armed with two revolvers, had been the first to respond to the attack. He later described himself as being in "a fever of excitement at the time," but he made his shots count. By the time he had emptied his guns, he had killed or mortally wounded seven of the bandits. A number of carbine pistol balls passed through his hat, and clothes, but he suffered only two minor wounds.

The shooting had attracted the attention of three miners on a nearby hill, John Webster, Isaac Hart, and P.S. Robertson. At the inquest, they described what followed:

"The only four surviving robbers made a charge upon Captain Davis, three with bowie knives and one with a short sword or saber. Captain Davis stood firmly on his ground until they rushed up abreast within about four steps of him; he then made a spring upon them with a large bowie knife, warding off their blows as fast as they were aimed at him--gave three of them wounds that soon proved fatal--and having wounded the other one, (it seemed very slightly,) and disarmed him by throwing his knife in the air in warding off a blow, a generous impulse seemed to force him not to inflict another wound upon him and to spare his life."

Evidently, two of the knife wielding bandits were not in full fighting form. As the captain said later, "Two of the four that made the charge upon me were unable to fight on account of their old wounds. They came up with the rest, making war-like demonstrations by raising their knives in a striking posture, and I acted accordingly. I noticed that they handled them with very bad grace, but attributed it altogether to fright or natural awkwardness."

In a letter to the newspaper, Webster wrote, "I never saw so much work of the kind done in so short a time, in all my life before! And as you know, I have shared in some trying scenes on the battlefields, in my time."

The three witnesses hurried toward the scene, Webster, who described Davis as a tall man in a white hat, continued:

We got within good speaking distance of the scene of action, ere the "white hat man" saw us, when in an instant, he sprang to his deceased companion, seized his revolver which was yet loaded, cocked, and leveling it at us, ordered us to "halt" and then told us that if we raised one of our guns it would be at our "peril." He then ordered us to advance "ten paces." His order was given in so commanding a tone that we were, at once brought into calm submission. Having brought us to a "halt" he asked who we were, and what our business was? We informed him that we were peaceable miners, camped nearby. We were out hunting game and that if he would go with us to our camp, we would satisfy him that we had given a true account of ourselves.

With the remark that we had the eyes of honest men." He told us that he wished a Coroner's inquest held over the deceased bodies; that he needed aid in moving them and attending to the wounded that he would go with us to our camp, but that we should go as his prisoners.

He then ordered us to leave our arms with his wounded companion; that if we were what we represented ourselves to be, he could get aid, and would be under lasting obligations to us, but that, at the first indication of treachery, we should share the same fate of these deceased robbers if he lived long enough to shoot us, though even a hundred guns were being fired at him, at the same time, from other quarters.

At the same miners' camp, Davis recognized an acquaintance, which alleviated his suspicions. He urged the men to accompany him to the scene so that they could attend the wounded and check the others for papers. A search of the dead bandits yielded 4 ounces of gold dust, $491 in gold and silver coin, and seven gold and two silver watches, among other valuables. Davis elicited sworn statements from the witnesses, and presented them at the inquest.

The surviving bandit, who had had his nose and forefinger cut off and who had been expected to recover, died the following day.

The Rocky Canyon gunfight received national attention, including coverage in the New York Times. Many doubted the truth of the story, but the sworn testimony of the 17 miners, three of them eyewitnesses, supported it. Davis invited those who still had doubts to visit the robbers' graves with him.

The Miners Court in Placerville, which reviewed the case, ended its statement with, "In conclusion, we deem it due to state that from all the evidence before us, Captain Davis and his party; acted solely in self-defence--were perfectly justifiable in killing these robbers--and that too much praise cannot be bestowed upon them for having so gallantly stopped the wild career of these lawless ruffians."

In a letter written January 6, 1855. Davis said, "I did only what hundreds of others might have done under similar circumstances, and attach no particular credit to myself for it."

After the Rocky Canyon fight, Davis considered himself a marked man in the area. He drifted north to Yreka for a while before settling in San Francisco, where he resided for the rest of his life.

Sgt. French is currently on vacation. For this month, we've prepared a story from the book More of the Deadliest Men Who Ever Lived by Paul Kirchner

Good luck & stay safe,

Sgt. Glenn French


Sgt. French also is the president of the Detroit Special Operations Group tactical training company and founder of the Detroit SWAT Challenge. Glenn is a columnist with www.PoliceOne.com, and his column is the"SWAT Operator".

Glenn has instructed Basic and Advanced SWAT / Tactical officer courses, Basic and Advanced Sniper courses, Cold Weather / Winter Sniper Operations and Active Shooter Response courses and others. Sgt French served in the U.S. Army and is a veteran of the Gulf war "Operation Desert Storm." During his military tenure Sgt French gained valuable experience in C.Q.B., infantry tactics and explosive breaching operations and he served as a Platoon sergeant and a squad leader.

What Has Really Changed?

What Has Really Changed?
"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE doesn't assure you happiness-just the right to pursue it. Self-respecting people could want no more.

George Washington was pursuing the happiness of a rich planter, and to attain it he founded a nation.

Abraham Lincoln was pursuing the happiness of success in his profession, and in the process freed the slaves.

A hundred thousand families left their worn-out farms and p0ursued happiness across the plains-and opened the great West. If there had been government subsidies then, they'd have stayed on their poor land, and this would never have been the nation it is.

Nothing great ever came from a person or a people whose emphasis was on security. It is the pursuit of happiness on your own that makes people strong and great. And it's the only way happiness can ever be reached.

Clichs of Socialism

Clichs of Socialism

"Too much government?  

Just what would you cut out?

This familiar question, raised by those who are uncritical of government-guaranteed welfare, security, and prosperity, has baffled many a student of libertarian ideals, often leaving him speechless and humiliated.

And well it might; for any individual would find it virtually impossible even to list the multitudinous activities of the federal government, not to mention those of the 50 state governments and the more than 120,000 regional, district, and local governments. Certainly no audience, much less the questioner, would wait for a discussion of these manifold activities. The immensity of such a task is reflected in the fact: To give one hour's consideration to each $1,000,000 in the 1960 Federal Budget alone would consume all of a person's working time until about 2000 A.D.!

Even if such a chore could be completed, the real question would still remain: Just what would you cut out? However, if the principles of limited government were understood and accepted, the, by definition, all activities not qualifying would be eliminated. The limited government concept:

Government should defend the lives and property of all citizens equally. This means protecting willing exchange and restraining unwilling exchange; suppressing and penalizing fraud, misrepresentation, predatory practices; invoking a common justice under written law; and keeping the records incidental to these functions. Government's legitimate purpose is to codify and then inhibit all destructive actions while leaving all creative and productive actions-including welfare, charity, security, and prosperity-to citizens acting voluntarily, privately, cooperatively, or competitively as they freely choose.

The concept of government outlined in the Declaration of Independence holds that man is endowed by his Creator with certain unalienable rights, among them the freedom of choice, each individual is presumed responsible for his own life and the development of his potentialities-within the limits of noninterference with the equal rights of every other peaceful person. Personal accountability further presumes responsibility for the products of one's creative efforts-the means by which life is sustained-and establishes a basis for the private ownership and control of property. Consistent with the ideals of self-responsibility, personal freedom of choice, and private property, is the free market method of voluntary exchange whereby individuals help themselves through serving others. Possessing economic freedom, each person may practice compassion and charity with what is his own. This leave to government (organized force) the very limited task of defending life and property and preserving peace.

Once this basis for limiting government is accepted, it is possible for a person to test any present activity of government at whatever level by a precise standard which tells him whether that activity is a proper function of organized police force. It is a matter of reasoning logically and deductively from our Declaration's premise that man's right to life and liberty is derived not from the state but from his Creator.

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Quotes & Jokes
Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson

A true patriot who believed in freedom and liberty.His quotations are as profound today as two hundred years ago.

He could foresee what the politicians would do to us, if we let them!

"When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe"

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

"It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world."

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

"My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government."

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

"To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical."

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property - until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."
- Thomas Jefferson, 1802
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Tactical Tips
What a Real Roadside Bomb Looks Like...

Above is a video of what our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are up against on a daily basis. Fortunately, this IED looks like it was either detonated too early or too late, and that it was buried too deep underground. If you look carefully before the 7 second mark, you can see what looks like a small white box piece of trash on the far left side of the road -- a telltale sign that is all too easy to overlook. This truly shows the power of such a simple weapon...

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A Warrior's Wisdom
A Warrior's Wisdom

"Good intentions cause most of the world's great evils. ... In their arrogance to accomplish what they think to be good they ignore the realities of life and history causing the most serious of unintended consequences on the innocent. The warrior has learned through humility that intentions count for nothing in the results they bring upon everyone. It is the Warrior's humility that restrains the urge to succumb to the best of intentions. The mature Warrior knows that he cannot change evil but evil can change him and humility is his guardian.

Keep on Becoming Strong

- Dave
Aesop's Fables
The Wolf and the Lamb

Wolf, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hand on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf's right to eat him. He thus addressed him: "Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me." "Indeed," bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voiced, "I was not then born." Then said the Wolf, "You feed in my pasture." "No, good sir," replied the Lamb, "I have not yet tasted grass." Again said the Wolf, "You drink of my well." "No," mothers mild is both food and drink to me." Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, "Well! I won't remain supperless, even though you refute every one of my imputations."
Military Maxims and Principals
Military Maxims and Principals

Where caution has been happily united to audacity, and both have been joined to a shrewd common sense, we have seen that victory awaits the skilled commander, where ordinary precautions have been neglected, where the prowess of the foe has been underrated and despised, where no attempt has been made to forecast his movements or to deceive him as to our intentions, there disaster has followed, as surely and inevitably as the night the day.

This Maxim from Napoleon is as true today as it was then and holds true for an Army down to a small Team or Squad. Several applications came to my mind as I picked this to share with you and I hope you will be able to make your own applications as well.

Famous Speeches

Douglas MacArthur Speech at the
Dedication of MacArthur Park
Los Angeles, California, January 26, 1955

I have listened with deep emotion to these solemn proceedings. My heart is too full for my lips to express adequately my thanks and appreciation for the extraordinary honor you do me. Even so, I understand full well that this memorial is intended to commemorate an epic rather than individual; an armed force, rather than its commander, a nation, rather than its servant; an ideal, rather than a personality.

But this only increases my pride that my name has been one chosen as the symbol of an epic struggle in victory by millions of unnamed others.

It is their heroism, their sacrifice, their success, that you honor today in so unforgettable a manner. And this statue and this park are but the selected reminders of their grandeur.

Most of them were citizen soldiers, sailors, or airmen, men from the farm, from the city, from the schoolroom, from the college campus; men dedicated to the profession of arms; men not primarily skilled in the art of war; men most amazingly like the men you see and meet and know each day of your life. But men inspired, animated and ennobled by a sublime cause to the defense of their country, of their native land, of their very hearthstones.

The most divine of all human sentiments and impulses guided them, the spirit and the willingness to sacrifice.

He who dares to die, who lays his life on the altar of his nation's need, is beyond doubt the noblest development of mankind. In this he comes closest to the image of his Creator who died on the Cross that the human soul might live.

These men were my comrades in arms. With me they knew the call of the bugle at reveille, the distant roll of drums at nightfall, the endless tramp of marching feet, the incessant whine of sniper bullets, the ceaseless rattle of sputtering machine guns, the sinister wail of air sirens, the deafening blast and crash of bombs, the stealthy stroke of hidden torpedoes, the aimless lurch of perilous waves, the dark majesty of fighting ships, the mad din of battle lines, and the stench and ghastly horror and savage destruction of a stricken area of war.

They suffered hunger and thirst, the broiling sun of relentless heat, the torrential rains of tropical storms, the loneliness and utter desolation of jungle trails, the bitterness of separation from those they loved and cherished. They went on and on when everything within them seemed to stop and die. They grew old in youth; they burned out in searing minutes all that life owed them in tranquil years.

When I think of their patience under adversity, of their courage under fire, and of their modesty in victory, I am filled with an emotion I cannot express.

Many of them trod the tragic path of unknown fame that led to a stark, white cross on a lonely grave. And from their tortured, dying lips, with the dreadful gurgle of the death rattle in their throats, always the came the same gasping prayer that we who were left would go on to victory.

I do not know the dignity of their birth, but I do know the glory of their death. And I am sure a merciful God has taken them unto Himself.

In these troublesome times of confused and bewildered international sophistication, let no man misunderstand why they did that which they did. These were patriots, pure and plain; these were men who fought and perchance died for one reason only - for their country, for America. No complex philosophy of world intrigue and conspiracy dominated their thoughts. No exploitation or extravagance of propaganda dimmed their sensibilities. Just the simple fact that their country called them, just the devoted doctrine of Stephen Decatur when he said: "My country, may she always be right. But right or wrong, my country."

Be not deceived by strange voices heard across the land, decrying this old and proven concept of patriotism. From the very beginning it has been the main bulwark of our national strength and integrity.

Seductive murmurs are arising that it is now outmoded by some more comprehensive and all embracing philosophy; that we are provincial and immature, or reactionary and stupid when we idealize our own country; that there is a higher destiny for us under another more general flag; that no longer when we send our sons and daughters to the battlefield must we see them through all the way to victory; that we can call upon them to fight and even die in some halfhearted and indecisive effort.

That we can plunge them recklessly into war and then suddenly decide that it is a wrong war, or in the wrong place, or at the wrong time; or even that we call it not a war at all, but by some more euphemistic and generic name; that we can treat them as expendables, although they are our own flesh and blood. And even in times of peace, for some romantic reason, they must share - not as an act of generosity but as a bounden duty, their national blessings and goods built from nothing to a height never before reached by man - with others because, whether for neglect or not, they have not fared so well.

That we, the strongest nation in the world, have suddenly become dependent on others for our security and even our welfare. Listen not to these voices, be they from the one political party or from the other; be they from the high and the mighty, or the lowly and the forgotten. Heed them not. Visit upon them a righteous scorn born of the past sacrifices of your fighting sons and daughters.

Repudiate them in the marketplace, on the platform, n the pulpit. Those who are our friends will understand. Those who are not we can pass by. Be proud to be called patriots or nationalists or what you will, if it means that you love your country above all else, and will place your life if need be at the service of our flag.

I wish again to express to the citizens of the community my gratitude for their generosity in creating this memorial and my thanks and appreciation to all those present here today.

You have etched for me in indelible memory, a patriotic friendship and sympathetic understanding. You have made me feel far greater than my just deserts and yet more humble than I care to admit.
Roger StaubachInjured Soldiers - Heroes
Roger Staubach Still Gets It

Roger Staubach, still Captain America -- Recently, my brother was sitting in first class on a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Colorado Springs when a couple boarded and sat in front of him. He immediately recognized the man as Roger Staubach. They exchanged greetings, and Staubach said he was headed to Colorado Springs for the inaugural Warrior Games.

After 60 or 70 percent of the plane was boarded, a female Army soldier who had lost her leg boarded. Staubach insisted she sit in his seat; she said, "no, thanks," but he insisted. He took her place in a middle seat way in the back. After a few minutes, the young girl got tears in her eyes and said she wanted to go to her seat and have Staubach return to his.

The flight attendant overheard, and, as the female soldier headed to retrieve Staubach, the attendant said she had a no-show and both could sit in first class.

The flight attendant returned with the female soldier, but Staubach sent a double amputee Army soldier to sit in his seat.

Staubach remained in coach the entire flight and disembarked last. My brother waited and asked for an autograph for my birthday; Staubach said certainly. It's a great gift, but the greater gift is knowing Roger Staubach is still Captain America.
It Happens Every Friday! Were You Aware?

Fridays at The Pentagon

Mornings at the Pentagon

McClatchy Newspapers

Over the last 12 months, 1,042 soldiers, Marines, sailors and Air Force personnel have given their lives in the terrible duty that is war. Thousands more have come home on stretchers, horribly wounded and facing months or years in military hospitals.

This week, I'm turning my space over to a good friend and former roommate, Army Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, who recently completed a year long tour of duty in Iraq and is now back at the Pentagon.

Here's Lt. Col. Bateman's account of a little-known ceremony that fills the halls of the Army corridor of the Pentagon with cheers, applause and many tears every Friday morning. It first appeared on May 17 on the Weblog of media critic and pundit Eric Alterman at the Media Matters for America Website.

"It is 110 yards from the "E" ring to the "A" ring of the Pentagon. This section of the Pentagon is newly renovated; the floors shine, the hallway is broad, and the lighting is bright. At this instant the entire length of the corridor is packed with officers, a few sergeants and some civilians, all crammed tightly three and four deep against the walls. There are thousands here.

This hallway, more than any other, is the `Army' hallway. The G3 offices line one side, G2 the other, G8 is around the corner. All Army. Moderate conversations flow in a low buzz. Friends who may not have seen each other for a few weeks, or a few years, spot each other, cross the way and renew.

Everyone shifts to ensure an open path remains down the center. The air conditioning system was not designed for this press of bodies in this area.

The temperature is rising already. Nobody cares. "10:36 hours: The clapping starts at the E-Ring. That is the outermost of the five rings of the Pentagon and it is closest to the entrance to the building. This clapping is low, sustained, hearty. It is applause with a deep emotion behind it as it moves forward in a wave down the length of the hallway.

"A steady rolling wave of sound it is, moving at the pace of the soldier in the wheelchair who marks the forward edge with his presence. He is the first. He is missing the greater part of one leg, and some of his wounds are still suppurating. By his age I expect that he is a private, or perhaps a private first class.

"Captains, majors, lieutenant colonels and colonels meet his gaze and nod as they applaud, soldier to soldier. Three years ago when I described one of these events, those lining the hallways were somewhat different. The applause a little wilder, perhaps in private guilt for not having shared in the burden ... Yet.

"Now almost everyone lining the hallway is, like the man in the wheelchair, also a combat veteran. This steadies the applause, but I think deepens the sentiment. We have all been there now. The soldier's chair is pushed by, I believe, a full colonel.

"Behind him, and stretching the length from Rings E to A, come more of his peers, each private, corporal, or sergeant assisted as need be by a field grade officer.

"11:00 hours: Twenty-four minutes of steady applause. My hands hurt, and I laugh to myself at how stupid that sounds in my own head. My hands hurt. Please! Shut up and clap. For twenty-four minutes, soldier after soldier has come down this hallway - 20, 25, 30.. Fifty-three legs come with them, and perhaps only 52 hands or arms, but down this hall came 30 solid hearts.

They pass down this corridor of officers and applause, and then meet for a private lunch, at which they are the guests of honor, hosted by the generals. Some are wheeled along. Some insist upon getting out of their chairs, to march as best they can with their chin held up, down this hallway, through this most unique audience. Some are catching handshakes and smiling like a politician at a Fourth of July parade. More than a couple of them seem amazed and are smiling shyly.

"There are families with them as well: the 18-year-old war-bride pushing her 19-year-old husband's wheelchair and not quite understanding why her husband is so affected by this, the boy she grew up with, now a man, who had never shed a tear is crying; the older immigrant Latino parents who have, perhaps more than their wounded mid-20s son, an appreciation for the emotion given on their son's behalf. No man in that hallway, walking or clapping, is ashamed by the silent tears on more than a few cheeks. An Airborne Ranger wipes his eyes only to better see. A couple of the officers in this crowd have themselves been a part of this parade in the past.

These are our men, broken in body they may be, but they are our brothers, and we welcome them home. This parade has gone on, every single Friday, all year long, for more than four years.

Larry Alan Thorne Major, United States 
ArmyLarry Alan Thorne
Major, United States Army

Larry Alan Thorne was born on May 28, 1919 and joined the Armed Forces while in Norwalk, Connecticut.

He served in the United States Army, 5th Special Forces. In twelve years of service, he attained the rank of Major.

Larry Alan Thorne is listed as Missing in Action.

Thorne was born in Finland in 1919, entered the Finnish army in 1938 and fought in the 1939-40 war against the Soviet Union. He subsequently conducted guerrilla warfare against the Soviet forces after the Finnish regime allied itself with Nazi Germany and reentered the war. As Shultz tells it, "In September 1944, Finland surrendered to the Soviet Union. Thorne didn't. He joined the Germans, attended their school for guerrilla warfare, and then fought with their marines until the war ended.

"The Soviets wanted to get their hands on Thorne and forced the Finnish government to arrest him as a wartime German collaborator. They planned to take him to Moscow to be tried for war crimes. Thorne had other plans. He escaped, made his way to the United States, and with the help of Wild Bill Donovan became a citizen. The wartime head of the OSS knew of Thorne's commando exploits..."

Thorne joined the U.S. Army and his expertise in guerrilla warfare led him into the Special Forces Group, where he was commissioned a first lieutenant, eventually rising to the rank of captain and commanding a Special Forces team in Vietnam, before joining SOG.

Read More About Major Larry Thorne >>

A Tale of Two Constitutions

The subject of constitutional interpretation may seem like a topic best fitted for an ivory-tower debate, but it actually has a very real and dramatic impact on daily life (as will be demonstrated shortly). In recent years, two competing viewpoints have emerged.

Probably the first exposure most citizens had to the two views came during the 2000 presidential debates. When asked what type of judges should be placed on the bench, candidate Bush responded: "I believe that the judges ought not to take the place of the legislative branch of government ... and that they ought to look at the Constitution as sacred ... I don't believe in liberal, activist judges; I believe in strict constructionists." Candidate Gore countered, "The Constitution ought to be interpreted as a document that grows." Gore later stated, "I believe the Constitution is a living and breathing document. ... We have interpreted our founding charter over the years, and found deeper meanings in it in light of the subsequent experience in American life." So, the two choices are ... follow original intent, or construct a living constitution.

'Black Hawk Down' Commander On Winning The War on Terror

In the movie, Black Hawk Down, actor Tom Sizemore plays the role of real-life U.S. Army Ranger Lt. Col. (today retired Col.) Danny R. McKnight, the hard-bitten convoy commander whose inspirational leadership literally kept his men alive during the near-disastrous Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia in 1993.

Sizemore portrayed McKnight as an outspoken combat commander, who in action could be seen by his troops as being everywhere at the same time, fighting, directing the fight, and encouraging his men in the most desperate stages of the fight. 

An accurate portrayal according to those who served with McKnight.


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