My Hero Wears Jump Wings - - Airborne

My Hero Wears Jump Wings

Doesn't Yours?

From liberating Hitlers Fortress Europe, to Korea and Vietnam and Panama of yesterday -- to the back alleys of Iraq. These are true American defenders -- our nations sons and fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins and friends or daughters and wives, who have always answered the call. Our design is in honor of them all who wore or wear them defending you and I, from options too horrible to comprehend...

Perhaps He is now with the 101st walking through Ramadi or Fallujah...

Maybe he is your Granddad of yesterday who after jumping into Normandy and landing at St. Mare Eglise he \"humped\" it all the way to Berlin killing Krauts along the way...

He may be a Pararescueman From the Air Force who has been doing jump insertions on countless operations from he cold war, into Vietnam, and Somalia, up and to Present day Iraq and that others may live...

Whatever US service he has served the fact is he is a soldier from the sky, perhaps not always a fearless man, but he does jump knowing he just may die..doing it. He has earned the honor the being a cut above others around him and we are proud for all \"My Hero\" has done.

Death to our nations enemies, from above.

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