• Fox Special Forces Handbook (Paperback) (New) (FX59-425) by www.specialforces.com

Fox Special Forces Handbook (Paperback) (New) (FX59-425) by www.specialforces.com

  • Manufacturer: Fox
  • Model: FX59-425
  • $8.95

Fox Special Forces Handbook (Paperback) (New) - Fox - Field & Survival

Fox Special Forces Handbook (Paperback) (New)

Cover the mission of Special Forces Unconventional Warfare, and missions of Guerrilla Forces - Tactics and Demolitions, air operations as well as 10 different Rifles and pistols, and include Rocket Launchers, Howitzers and mortar, communications, first aid and survival. This is a jam packet book of successful training and assessment of area situations.

Over 200-pages

0.5 lb

Model: FX59-425
Manufacturer: Fox
Shipping Weight 0.55000000 lb
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