No Surrender

No Surrender was inspired by the current war on terror. This is America's first war being fought by an all-volunteer military since the 18th century and our nation seems to be split on supporting our troops to victory.

One of the first things that occurred to me was this war would be won our lost here at home. Reflecting on the no-win policies of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, I wondered if we had learned anything. I have every confidence in our soldier's ability to win the War on Terror, but the verdict is still out with the American public and the leadership of this country (i.e., the politicians).

I wanted to do my part to help win and wanted to start a movement to remind people of the way this country was started and the sacrifices and long tradition of "No Surrender" in American conflict - both on and off the battlefield. We have always been about God and country. Our hope at No Surrender is to create a movement to restore America's will to win to those who do not have it and strengthen the will of those who do. We are also hoping that it will carry over into other aspects in your personal life and business. We all face challenges in life and we want to see a society of winners - not quitters.

- David Thomas, 2005

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