5ive Star Gear Coffee Cup Insert - (Concealed Storage) (AT4700) by www.specialforces.com

  • Manufacturer: Atlanco
  • Model: AT4700
  • $10.95

5ive Star Gear Coffee Cup Insert - (Concealed Storage) - Atlanco - Military & Law Enforcement

5ive Star Gear Coffee Cup Insert - (Concealed Storage)

  • Innovative concealment device designed to keep small valuables hidden and safe while in a vehicle or in other environments
  • The device is concealed by being submerged in liquid at the bottom of a standard disposable coffee or similar style cup (compatible with most major brands' 8oz. to 20oz. disposable cups, not included)
  • Buoyancy-defeating design prevents it from moving inside the cup or floating up to the surface
  • Device is made with food-grade plastic that is re-usable and water-tight
  • Made in USA
Model: AT4700
Manufacturer: Atlanco
Shipping Weight 0.50000000 lb
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