Night Vision Monoculars

Morovision Night Vision Monoculars are the highest quality Generation 3 ITT single intensifier tube night vision systems available on the U.S. commercial market. The Morovision Night Vision monocular product line includes the popular ITT Night Enforcer® PVS-14, the MV-14P Generation 3 PINNACLE® monocular and the MV-14 Ultra Generation 3 monocular. Additionally, the MV-300 monocular is offered in both Generation 3 and Generation 2+ versions. The popular night vison monocular design offers a reduced volume and weight that is less than half that of goggles, making it easy to to carry and use in combat, law enforcement situations, night time patrolling, surveillance, search & rescue and recreational activitities such as hunting and camping. The night vision monocular design allows for multiple types of use including hand-held use, head-mounting, helmet-mounting, tripod mounting for camera use and photography, and for some monoculars, weapons mounting for law enforcement and night time shooting is applicable. These multiple-uses and attributes combined into one night vision device have made the night vision monocular one of the most popular night vision devices of all time.

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