• Marksman s Bullet Tray Carrier - .308 (STMBTC-308) by www.specialforces.com

Marksman s Bullet Tray Carrier - .308 (STMBTC-308) by www.specialforces.com

  • Manufacturer: S.O Tech
  • Model: STMBTC-308
  • $20.50

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Marksman s Bullet Tray Carrier - .308 - S.O Tech - Shotgun Accessories

Marksman's Bullet Tray Carrier - .308

Limited Supply

Keeps Rounds Clean, Secure, and Out of Sight

The Need:
We`ve seen shooters fumbling with rounds, stuffing them in elastic loops, and laying them on dirty surfaces. This exposes the sniper rounds to dings, dirt, corroding finger oils, loss, and the view of the enemy.

The Answer:
S.O.Tech's Marksman's Bullet Tray Carrier allows the shooter to drop the tray from the factory box straight into a pouch, securing the trays and rounds with a paracord piece and fastener. This minimizes handling and damaging of the round. A silent side lock buckle allows easy access to an organized ammo pouch. A full cover flap keeps dirt away from your rounds and shiny rounds out of enemy view. Keeping the rounds in the factory trays keeps scratches and dings off super sensitive match grade ammunition. Velcro™ belt loops and ALICE clip slots (clips sold separately) allow mounting on belts, packs, vests and harnesses. PATENT PENDING.

  • 1000 Denier DuPont Cordura Plus fabric, double layered.
  • 138 weight bonded nylon parachute harness thread.
  • American name brand plastic and metal fasteners (Duraflex, ITW Nexus, ACW, etc.).
  • Edges bound by double stitched nylon Type 3 seam tape
  • Heavy weight woven elastic.
  • Strength rated nylon webbing and tapes
  • Velcro™ and Rip and Grip™ mil spec hook and loop fastener.
Model: STMBTC-308
Manufacturer: S.O Tech
Shipping Weight 1.00000000 lb
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