• Jungle Operations (Paperback) (New) (A7031) by www.specialforces.com

Jungle Operations (Paperback) (New) (A7031) by www.specialforces.com

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Jungle Operations (Paperback) (New) - Atlanco - Field & Survival

Jungle Operations (Paperback) (New)

Jungle Operations (Paperback) (New)

Department of the Army Field Manual (sept 1969)

FM 31-35

This manual describes the common, and distinguishing characteristics of the three major geographical jungle areas of the world that exist - Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa. It discusses the characteristic effects of jungle conditions on troops, equipment, organization, and operations. It defines the role of the combat, combat support, and combat service support forces and discusses the specialized training requirements for conduct of operations in a jungle environment. It provides doctrinal guidance to Commanders, Staff Officers, and other personnel concerned with tactical operations in Jungle areas.

This manual discusses the distinguishing characteristics of the three major jungle regions of the world that exist in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa, and how each would affect the operations of personnel and equipment in a wartime environment. First published in September of 1969 and still in use today.


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Model: A7031
Manufacturer: Atlanco
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