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HYDRA Tactical Floatation Module - Plate Carrier / Chest Rig / Pack - Benthic - Tactical Floatation Devices

HYDRA Tactical Floatation Module - Plate Carrier / Chest Rig / Pack

Hydra In Action - With Captions

Hydra In Action - With Audio

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The HYDRA is a unique new tool for Operators adding new tactical capabilities to operate in a water environment.

Water Obstacles have always posed great challenges to Armies and individual soldiers from ancient times to present. Many Armies and soldiers have met their end when forced to cross a river or move through marshland. Throughout history many solutions have been used, to name a few:  rope bridges, rafts, poncho rafts, logs and the most recent one that comes to mind witnessed by a Navy SEAL Sniper supporting an operation in Iraq , the insurgents using inflated beach balls to infiltrate across a river to make an assault.

You may be a strong swimmer or a weak swimmer but the challenge is the same, how do you breach a river or stream, negotiate rice paddies, swamps, marshland , jungle conduct amphibious operations while loaded down with heavy gear. The HYDRA was developed for this need.

Over the years I myself had my own experiences with water obstacles and some fellow soldiers drowned, some were lucky enough to climb out of their gear when they unexpectedly fell into the water weighed down with gear. I wondered what the solution would be and one day I met a man with 25 years experience making floatation devices for the scuba, rescue and outdoor recreational market. He took an interest in my ideas and we worked together to create the HYDRA as a tactical floatation device for professional operators, soldiers and law enforcement.  

The HYDRA is designed to be worn with full tactical gear, chest rigs, plate carriers with and without assault packs, without interfering with the operator’s gear and adding minimal weight. Most say they do not even know it’s there.

Once set up for your gear, it can be attached and taken off in seconds.

It is reusable.

It can be fully inflated in seconds using the CO2 Emergency Activator pull chord. 

The bladder can be deflated in seconds.

It can be restowed in the dark by feel.

Using the buddy system it can be restowed without removing your gear or with the deflated bladder you can move to a more secure location to remove your gear and restow the bladder.

Time to restow bladder is about a minute or less with practice.

Although the HYDRA is not designed specifically to be an emergency life saving device it has the capability to. If a soldier falls into the water unexpectedly by pulling the CO2 activation chord the HYDRA will auto inflate bringing that individual immediately to the surface.

The HYDRA is designed to float you in an upright position allowing you to easily swim forward and maneuver with your weapon to remain tactical in the water unlike a life saving device. However if a soldier finds himself in a situation where he may fall asleep or pass out from being wounded it will keep his head up out of the water by using the inflatable/adjustable chin strap.

The HYDRA is designed to float the average soldier with a combat load. It will float approximately 100lbs of dead weight but the floatation will vary up or down due to weather conditions and the type of gear and the way it’s packed.

The HYDRA is a unique new tool for operators adding new capabilities to operating in a water environment they have not had before. 

• Emergency floatation device
• Tactical floatation device designed to breach rivers and water obstacles

• Bladder
• Halkey® auto inflator uses 68 gram 1/2" Thread CO2 cartridge
• Halkey oral valve (inflator)
• Overpressure valve
• Adapts to most packs and chest rigs
• (4) ITW Nexus Molle Fastex adapters
• (2) ITW Nexus Mako clips

Weight with cartridge 2.40Lbs
Lift approximately 85Lbs dead weight

420 Nylon urethane uncoated
100% nylon webbing
Plastic Fastex® ITW® Nexus® buckles and connectors
Bladder 200 Denier single urethane coated nylon with pure urethane elbow

Repacking instructions

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Attatchment instructions

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Manufacturer: Benthic
Shipping Weight 3.00000000 lb
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