• Military Mountaineering: Training for Combat (Paperback) (FX59-61) by www.specialforces.com

Military Mountaineering: Training for Combat (Paperback) (FX59-61) by www.specialforces.com

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Military Mountaineering: Training for Combat (Paperback) - Fox - Military & Law Enforcement

Military Mountaineering: Training for Combat (Paperback)

Military Mountaineering; Training for Combat (Training Circular No. TC 90-6-1) Paperback – 1976

There are mountains in virtually every country in the world. Since the beginning of recorded history, few conflicts did not involve some type of mountain operations. Until World War II, with the creation of the 10th Mountain Division and 1st Special Service Force, The US Army did not have an official doctrine in their discipline and borrowed from experts around the world. These skills have advanced greatly over the past half century.

It can be assumed that this pattern will not change and troops will again be fighting in mountainous terrain in any future war, as recently indicated by the operations in Afghanistan.

This book is designed to help the reader become an expert military mountaineer, be it alpine, desert or jungle terrain. Training is the single most important aspect of conduct for successful mountain operations. A commander must never disregard the proper training of his command in mountain operations.


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Model: FX59-61
Manufacturer: Fox
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