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Choosing the Right Survival Food

A ready supply of nutritious, easy to prepare foods can make a difference during a natural disaster or other emergency. The peace of mind simply knowing that these foods are standing by in the event of a disaster is reassuring. Grocery stores only have an average of three days food supplies, and this can be quickly wiped out in an emergency situation. Emergency food supplies are available in a wide range of choices that are easily prepared, portable in the event of a sudden evacuation and shelf-stable for up to 25 years. Special Forces offers a selection of survival food resources.

MREs, or Meals Ready to Eat, were developed by the United States Military to provide service personnel with a variety of pre-packaged, portable meals containing 1200 calories. The entrée choices and food quality have improved greatly since the introduction of the MRE in the 1980s. MREs can be heated by several methods, and can even be eaten straight from the package. The meals contain an entrée, side dish, bread or crackers, dessert, beverage with mixing container, utensils, napkin, towelette and seasonings. MREs are sold in cases of twelve, with each case containing an assortment of entrees and accessories.

Freeze dried and dehydrated foods are a great option for long term storage, and Special Forces offers several different alternatives. Freeze dried and dehydrated foods are packaged in one of several ways; pouches containing one to two servings of a single food item; No. 10 cans containing multiple servings of an entree, vegetable, meat, breakfast food, grain or dessert item; and sealed buckets that contain prepackaged assortments of survival food designed to last one person between seven to sixty days. Most of these items are prepared by adding boiling water, although some, such as the freeze-dried ice cream sandwich, may be eaten straight from the package. These foods are prepared for storage in a way that preserves most of the nutritional value, and many have a shelf life of up to 25 years if stored in a cool, dry location. 

Nutrition tabs are designed to be a temporary emergency food source when other foods are not available. They provide enough caloric intake and nutrition to sustain an individual through a severe emergency. Nutrition tabs may not be the equal of a gourmet meal, but in times of extreme disaster, they are a portable source of nutrition that requires no preparation or special storage. 

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