• U.S. Military Online 2nd Ed (Paperback) (L43110) by www.specialforces.com

U.S. Military Online 2nd Ed (Paperback) (L43110) by www.specialforces.com

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U.S. Military Online 2nd Ed (Paperback) - Special Forces Gear - Field & Survival

U.S. Military Online 2nd Ed (Paperback)

U.S. Military Online 2nd Ed (P) by Arkin, William M., Arkin (1998) Paperback

The first directory of its kind, The U.S. Military Online contains pointers to well over 2,000 official military Internet sites and resources at the Pentagon and at more than 200 installations throughout the world. Revised to include a new chapter on doing business with the Department of Defense and over 300 new Web sites, this unique guidebook enables you to: download Pentagon press conferences, speeches, testimony, statistics, and fact sheets; follow developments in international hot spots; find resources for tracking the defense budget and the Defense Department's research, development, test, evaluations, and contracting activities; track U.S. military units around the world and locate military personnel; read and save military magazines and journals, official manuals, and regulations; connect with military research sites dealing with weapons, cyberwar, modeling and simulation, intelligence, telecommunications, space, and future warfare; access Pentagon think tanks, schools and war colleges, libraries, military history resources, and museums; learn about weapons, from small arms to next-generation systems; and eavesdrop on, and participate in, warfighting studies and exercises.

By William M. Arkin 242 pages

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