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The Meaning Of The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge


Symbolic of the achievements and laurels gained in minimizing accident potentials, through the ingenuity and devotion to duty of its members.

It is in memory of those EOD officers and military personnel who gave their lives while performing EOD duties.


Copied from the design of the world war II Bomb Disposal Badge, the bomb represents the historic and major objective of the EOD attack, the unexploded bomb. The three fins represent the major areas of nuclear, conventional and chemical/biological interest.


Symbolize the potential destructive power of the bomb and the courage and professionalism of EOD personnel in their endeavors to reduce hazards as well as to render explosive ordnance harmless.


Represents the EOD mission-prevent a detonation and protect the surrounding area and property to the utmost.

The Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, DOE NEST or other US Federal concerns Explosive Ordnance Disposal one of the most precise and detailed skilled trade within any special operations force cadre other than arming a bomb itself. All Special Forces units have a dedicated in house EOD guy like you. Whether you're in the Navy and you deploy mammals (dolphins) or using high tech robotics to detect and disarm – Whether you're working on an IED on a dusty populated urban Arab street; a mine floating in the Persian Gulf, or a back pack nuke found under the super bowl; when it comes down to disarming explosives, you are often the last line of defense between serenity or disaster… Often additionally airborne, diver and precision shooting qualed; you know more about explosives than any other operator. Our Death head, airborne wings and classic time clocked fused bundle of dynamite logo is our honor to you – thank you for your service to us, one and all.

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