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Amphibious Recon

The Amphibious Reconnaissance Marines is a elite breed of direct action, forward deployed Marines making up a smaller unit, known as the Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable {MEU(SOC)}, each consisting of no more than 2,500 men. Much like the MEFs, MEU(SOC)s are composed of an infantry element, the Battalion Landing Teams (BLT) an air element, the Marine Medium Helicopter Squadrons with a control detachment, and a support element, the MEU Service Support Groups (MSSG). Tying these three elements together is the Command Element (CE). Amphibious Reconnaissance Marines and their position in the MEU(SOC) is tied to the Battalion Landing Team.

Amphibious Reconnasince qualified Marines attend the Basic Recon School( BRC) on the East Coast at NAB Little Creek or NAB Coronado and Camp Pendelton on the West Coast. The Amphib Recon Marine learns amphibious recon, amphibious raiding, Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRC) operations, Basic Scout swimming, Maritime Navigation, Water Survival and Small boat raiding operations over a nine and one half weeks period. During this period, The Force Recon candidate gains a basic knowledge of reconnaissance doctrine, concepts, and techniques with emphasis on Scout Swimmer operations, amphibious entry, extraction, beach reconnaissance, Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft (CRRC) operator skills and patrolling. The course combines lecture, demonstration, and practical application in communications, land navigation, supporting arms, rough terrain skills, patrolling, intelligence reporting, demolitions, nautical navigation, coxswain skills, scout swimmer physical training; executing beach and urban swimmer reconnaissance in support of small boat operations; dangerous marine life, scout swimmer equipment, surf observations/reports, mission planning, extensive practical application of beach and urban scout swimmer techniques on different beach and urban sites; maritime navigation skills necessary to navigate in small craft over long distances of open water using dead reckoning and piloting skills; instruction on navigational publications and equipment, nautical charts, aids to navigation, dead reckoning, nautical compass, piloting, current sailing, tides, currents and planning maritime navigation operations; (CRRC), responsibilities of the boat team, small boat transit, clandestine landing and withdrawal, and launch and recovery procedures. Training culminates with two full mission profile raid exercises conducted on targets in the local areas. Scores less than 80% on an evaluation will constitute failure and may result in termination from the coursse.

You Skills are set a Marine MEU(Soc) apart from most any other breed of Marine.

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