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Devil Dog

Many of us knew citizens who perished on 9-11. Some of us knew the four Security contractors including former Navy SEAL Scot Helveston who were chopped into dog liver and displayed on world media as though they were perpetrators of a crime On the Bridge near Fallujah in Late March of 2003...

The "Teufelhunden" or "Devil Dogs" harks back to World War One when Germans coined a phrase that could barley fathom the intensity of force the Marines dispatched onto them in combat in hallowed places like Belleau Wood. Ladies and Gents, you can be rest assured todays Marine Corps Devil Dogs are at the spear head of tail kicking, US military Canine like ferocity; from Afghanistan to Iraq and anywhere else those who believe the US Marine is a watered down version of his former self... wel Stand Fast dirt bag: Tell that to a U.S. Marine!

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