De Oppresso Liber - - Special Forces

De Oppresso Liber

Every SF operator knows \"De Oppreso Liber\" embossed admidst

the Black banner upon the Special Forces Crest, is the latin phrase which literally translates in English as \"Liberator of the Oppressed\" or \"TO FREE THE OPPRESSED\".

Do you also know its lineage roots stem from the exploits of World War Two OSS Jedburgh Teams operating behind the lines in France like those Colonel Aaron Banks, Father of US Army Special

Forces, was an active part of?

These forerunners of SF were force multiplying French Resistance, helping them \" free themselves\" from the oppression of Nazis behind the lines in France in waht was then Bold out of the box concepts for how to wage a war.

It was there however that the future generations of American Operators would forever understand and add \"De Oppresso Liber\"

to the volumes of US military lore.

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