• The Pros: A Way of Life (DVD) (SFGTHEPROSDVD) by www.specialforces.com

The Pros: A Way of Life (DVD) (SFGTHEPROSDVD) by www.specialforces.com

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The Pros: A Way of Life (DVD) - Special Forces Gear - Field & Survival

The Pros: A Way of Life (DVD)

The Pros: A Way of Life (DVD)

by Oliver Gruner

Volume 1 of THE FIGHTERS series

Includes 3 World Champions: Oliver Gruner, Peter Cunningham & Danny Steele

Motivate yourself.  Train like the Pros.

The Pros is the behind-the-scenes look at the lifestyle of professional athletes.  What's it feel like to put your life on the line in the ring?  Find out in this episode of The Pros, a brutally honest behind-the-scenes look at the lives of three professional fighters.  See the glory, pain, laughs, tears and the blood they shed in this hard-hitting real-life story of modern day gladiators.

There's no agents, no managers, no publicists - - just the athletes.  The Pros follows the lives of three different style fighters.  How they train.  How they deal with stress and pain.  You'll share their personal triumphs and struggles, and the ups and downs of being a pro fighter.

From the moment they wake up, The Pros is with them, filming the sunrise training sessions, evening sparring and everything in-between - - from the nerves they feel before a fight to the adrenaline rush during, and the exhilaration after.

The Pros gets into their heads and asks, 'Why?' Why do they live this life, and what made them choose it?  Fame?  Money?  Love of the sport?  You will be stunned by their answers. 

And you'll be intrigued as you see how the struggles of life and the pressures to win sometimes take them over the edge.  Watch them learn to survive the sheer brutality and roller coaster life of professional fighting.  Come get in the ring with The Pros.  It will knock you out.

Running Time:  43 minutes.

Made in the U.S.A.

Manufacturer: Special Forces Gear
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