Airforce - Defensor Fortis (Defenders of the Force) - - Military Police

Airforce - Defensor Fortis (Defenders of the Force)

Air Force Security Forces members provide resource protection for vital national security assets, including fighter jets, bombers, nuclear bombs and nuclear missiles. Their main function is protection for all Air Force personnel, property, and operations. They are highly trained in ground combat skills, including land navigation, crew served weapons systems, claymore mines, fragmentation hand grenade use, \"LAWS\" (light anti-tank weapon) deployment, hand and arm signals, squad movements, and many other skills. Security Forces also provide the law enforcement function on all Air Force bases to include response to emergencies, response to building alarms, traffic direction, traffic regulations enforcement, initial investigations, and crime scene securing for major crimes. Many of these functions are being contracted out to private security agencies for entry control to installations, and Department of Defense Police Officers for law enforcement services. Increasingly, Security Forces are deploying more and more often in support of U.S. Army operations in combat areas. Members of the Air Force Security Forces can be seen on an Air Force base wearing their royal blue berets. The Security Forces field is one of only six Air Force jobs that receive a beret upon graduation of technical school.

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