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Bull Dog Skull Marine

From the Halls of Montezuma to 600 hundred miles in from the shores of Tripoli or Persian Gulf to 'Shit head Alley' and the streets of Fallujah..Iraq: You are all expert Rifleman to support each other in times of combat. Your reputation is for having a prowess in combat. Your embody Fortitudine("with courage") You are the first to see action when a defense call is initiated and can mobilize immediately in every clime and place" because of your constant state of battle readiness. From the sea land or air can direct a precise and such quick intense use of force that its hard to fathom you are as aggressive in a big operation as in a small one. You are the US's Premier direct action institution. And to the non U.S. Marine; other U.S. Solider; you're a redundent soldier from the sea whose job can be replicated by the Army; from the Air the Airforce... And thus, little understanding of what the heck you the United States Marine; who will go where his colors go without asking who will fight foe without counting and who will suffer and die in the midst of incredible odds with out complaint. Just what is this globe and anchor emblem and being "Always faithful" motto all about?

The Globe signifies service in any part of the world... The Eagle indirectly ands to it.. The "foul" anchor that is an anchor with one or more turns of chain around it... )... indicates the amphibious nature of the U.S. Marines' duties... But why... Why all this, for a unit that seems to be a replication of the army on boats? From Samuel Nicholas First raid into the Bahamas Islands in March 1776 , To Lieutenant Presley N. O'Bannon who in April ,1805 signaled to the world that the young republic of the U.S.A. was not reticent about defending or pursuing its national interest beyond the Boarders of North America - which included then the Middle East "shores of Tripoli" the unique capability to the Navaho Code talkers to the individual Marine, all US Marines have directed military force from the Sea and land - eqaully...

You the Marine are always experimenting and working with less - yet often times more in a proud tradition of those who so valiantly fought and sacrificed, while continuing to honor a proud heritage and faithful service to the nation. Perhaps because there has never been a mutiny or even a thought of one amongst US Marines... that from your 13 week training to the 54 hour field ld training exercise known as "The Cruicble" to the heat of battle you are few and proud of will always honor such heritage.

Our Design Embodies the globe and anchor; Semper Fidelis spirit which the Marine distinguishes him self most recently in Iraq today. The Sword is the Marine NCO is authorized for use in battle or dress today is a design based on the 1850 Army foot Officers sword. As the Marine Officer uses a "Mameluke"(derived from fierce North African warriors); Marine, we thought this an equally appropriate symbol of Americana battle tool for you the grunt to show that good ole' US design is what your "Devil- Bull-Dog" Deaths Head is speared on to. The Utility Cap is all "Ooo-rah!" As are the Crossed M-4 Carbines and Semper-Fi on a scroll.

Honor, courage, commitment: Wear them proud!

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