Combat Boots for Every Tactical Need

Here at Special Forces, one size fits all is definitely not our game. When it comes to boots, not only do we stock our products in all sizes, but we also know that there is no such thing as the one ideal boot for all operational environments. As a result, we stock combat boots for every conceivable tactical need. 

For law enforcement operations, a black boot is mandatory and we take pride in offering a full slate of the finest in silent operations footwear. In a police operations environment, a stealthy approach is critical. Our boots feature the best in soft sole technology that remains durable, but also offers a moccasin-like feel for ground obstacles as the officer approaches the objective. Equally important is their ability to take a beating on the job and still offer that squad room level of presentability even after months of service.

An increasing amount of special ops work is being carried out in desert environments, which requires boots specially configured for use in these challenging conditions. Boots need to be light and flexible to accommodate the long patrols and roadless terrain. They must remain breathable in order to cool the feet and shed perspiration; yet also offer the tightest possible seal against pervasive desert sands.

Operations in mountainous terrain have also become of more tactical significance. Instead of maneuvering across the flat plains in an AFV, more soldiers are now taking the fight to the rocky mountain strongholds of the foe. Tough, non-slip soles and enhanced ankle support are essential for troops operating in elevated terrain environments.

Lowland operations in tropical countries also require specialized gear, and the worthy successors to the Vietnam-era jungle boot live on. These new editions of an old favorite offer superior traction in wet and muddy conditions. More importantly, they are more resistant to the rot that destroys most other forms of tactical footwear in these areas of the world. 

Of course there are times when the old reliable general service boot is the best option. We stock a wide selection of these combat boots in both regular and steel toe models. Since a large part of the special forces credo is to be ready to go at any time, speed lace and size zip boots are also available to our customers.

No matter what your tactical needs may be, Special Forces has the specialized footwear needed to get the job done in style and comfort. 

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