Military Backpacks for All Your Needs

Other than his weapon and chow, nothing is more valued by a trooper than his load-carrying gear. The bags and backpacks contain the mission critical gear, stowed for ready and easy access. There is always more ammo, food and other gear to carry than it seems possible to manage. A well packed bag gets it done. When you're in the field for a day or a month, your backpack is your home away from home. It has to have all the right nooks and crannies along with plenty of pack out space. Designs for these specialized bags, like the go bags and medical bags, allow them to contain all the necessary gear and to make it readily accessible.

The military powers that be view load carrying capabilities as a serious matter. The science that goes into the design of military backpacks and bags takes advantage of a century of wear by millions of men in the field. Even in this age of increased mobility, the individual fighting man has to carry his basic needs on his back. Everything from center of gravity to pressure points to content access drives the design of these items. Rigorous field testing backs up the investment of millions of dollars in research and development.

Most of the bags, backpacks and cases in our selection are the same as those being used on combat missions today. When the term milspec describes a bag, you know it designed and manufactured under the highest standards of quality control. It goes into the field for use under the most extreme of circumstances without failure as an option.

All military backpacks and bags reflect designs and construction for use in the toughest of environments and weather. Their construction uses the most rugged material available. No matter how you treat them or over stuff them, they won't let you down in the field. Campers, hikers, and fishermen adapt these bags to their specific gear and accessories. They find them just as practical and rugged as when they carry huge loads of ammo and other gear.

Specialty cases receive the same level of attention given to load bearing gear. Achieving maximum protection with minimum bulk and weight is both an art and a science. The rifle and pistol cases are the height of functionality. They provide protection from the elements and portability with efficient design. These are cases created for abuse while protecting the weapons packed within.

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