Tactical Gear and its Uses

Contrary to popular belief, the use of tactical gear is not restricted to men and women in uniform only. Non-military people find great use of these items during their many adventurous outings, sports and travel activities. Military vests, holsters, survival rigs, belts, packs, pouches, slings, medical gear and storage packs come in handy, when thrill seekers explore forests or choose to live in rugged terrains for long periods. Whether you are a hard-core outdoor enthusiast or an adventurous traveler, the well-designed and tested tactical gear from www.SpecialForces.com is something you cannot do without.

Depending on your travel and recreational needs, you can choose from a range of backpacks, pouches and bags. Lightweight gripper pack, helmet bags, hard watertight and airtight storage cases should be used to pack your normal accessories and expensive items. You can also choose from a variety of military vests that are designed for comfort and ease of movement. They also come well equipped with many compartments for storage. The Op Vests are not only great survival vests but also make awesome vests for backpacking, hiking, fishing, hunting and boating or any time you are feeling adventurous. You can carry heavy loads comfortably and the mesh in the fabric lets your body breathe.

For all you avid hunters, the Op Vest can easily be converted to a Hunter's Vest. You can also find many types of other rig and accessories for hunting such as gun holsters, magazine pouches, stock rigs, belts with pouches, shotgun accessories, patrol slings and sniper gear are heavy-duty rugged gear made for your specific need. The lightweight Patrol Vests make excellent adventure gear with its many pouches and hidden pockets. It has strength rated nylon webbing and tapes with stress points anchored by double stitching and bar tacks, for heavy duty adventure activities. The Rapid Access Modular Medical Panel is a must, as it can easily accommodate medicines and all your first-aid requirements.

www.SpecialForces.com has years of experience in this domain and hence brings you the best in tactical gear. Created by a veteran of the U.S Army's Special Forces, his experience in special operations was invaluable in designing them. All equipments and goods are made keeping in mind the practical experience of men in uniform. They are sturdy and durable; yet lightweight and practical. Buying online is easy and the hot deals offer you these quality items at great prices. When you browse through the tactical gear section at www.SpecialForces.com, you will see for yourself, why adventure lovers and others come back again and again.