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Are You a Survivor?

Gardena, CA - - Do you have what it takes to survive in extremely tough situations? Generally speaking, we all have what it takes, but we need the proper training and willingness to learn from the best. A survivor is basically a winner; and in order to survive in extraordinary situations you need to always be prepared. Extensive knowledge and experience can be found in the extremely useful Military and Survival manuals at This military web site was started by a 'Green Beret' and military veteran who has experienced it all on the field and wanted to share his knowledge and products to you. is a one shop stop for soldiers and hard-core adventure enthusiasts alike. Whether you are looking for information, manuals, survival gear, military clothing, T-shirts, equipment and more -you can find all at

Military manuals provide the core fundamentals and specialized knowledge of military procedures, techniques, tactics, weapon systems, military equipment and survival strategies in various situations. Military manuals are usually very specific in nature and although they are typically used for the armed forces, they are also commonly used by adventure lovers eager to learn from those who have hands on experience surviving in tough conditions.

Survival manuals, as the name suggests, give practical information on how you can survive in tough situations in jungles, deserts, mountainous terrains and/ or snowy conditions. 'Great Livin' in Grubby Times', gives you practical information on many 'How To's', such as how to build a survival shelter outdoors, how to travel when public transportation and fuel are not readily available, how to escape danger when everything else fails and many more. 'The Ranger Digest' gives practical and valuable information to soldiers, campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. You can learn how to make survival kits, modify or improve military and commercial outdoor gear and pick up great ideas. 'SAS Active Library Emergency Medic' is a manual on emergency medical techniques and procedures for the treatment of injuries when professional medical care is not readily available. 'The SAS Survival Handbook' and 'SAS Urban Survival Handbook' and others give life saving tips, in different situations.

Apart from Special Forces books, there are also a large variety of Special Forces equipment and special operations equipment available at Whether you are looking for recreational activities, sports or travel, rescue gear, equipments and manuals. Special Forces clothing, Special Forces gear and Special Forces T shirts are all used in rescue and outdoor operations. Ropes, ladders, rescue vests, harnesses, packs, ascenders, ropes, knives, survival necklace, strobe light and waterproof match case among many other items are all designed for outdoor use. OP Vest is an ultimate survival vest with concealed compartments ideal for backpacking, hiking, hunting, boating and mountain biking.

With experience and expertise in the field, only truly understands your specific requirements for the adventurous activities that you love so much. Recently, military clothing has also become somewhat of a fashion statement. Equipment, clothing, survival gear and manuals, find everything unusual, here at Special Forces Gear. In fact, military and survival manuals are not for soldiers alone. It is for any one who wants to be a winner!

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