Special Operations Equipment

State-of-the-art special operations equipment used by the world's finest fighting forces can now be yours thanks to the www.SpecialForces.com - online store. Our quality special operations equipment helps special forces agents and law enforcement personnel maximize their chances of surviving the ravages of combat.

From op vests and holsters to machetes and survival kits, Special Forces Gear has everything one might need in combat situations. Founded by a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Army's special forces, Special Forces Gear knows exactly what it takes to excel in the field. We constantly upgrade and improve the designs of our special operations equipment for the benefit of our customers, who include the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy and the Marines.

Dave Thomas, the founder of Special Operations Gear, has served in two of the most elite fighting forces in the world - the Special Forces (Green Berets) and Airborne Rangers (1st Ranger Bn.). With years of experience in combat, he knows that special operations equipment can be the difference between life and death in the field. That's why he has committed himself to developing the best special operations equipment the world has to offer and make them available to the brave men in uniform.

The vast Special Forces Gear online catalog features tactical gear; field and survival gear; climbing and rappelling equipment; knives and machetes; clothing; books and manuals; t-shirts and gifts; as well as flags and banners.

Our tactical gear includes:

Op vests
Thigh rigs
Taser holsters
Stock rigs
Chest harnesses and rigs
Plate carriers
Military and police vests
Bomb tech - breacher
Sniper gear
Medical gear
Military and police pouches
Shotgun accessories
Less lethal
SAR - survival rigs
Tactical accessories
Storage - travel cases
Storage - hard cases

The field and survival equipment range at Special Forces Gear features survival kits; field packs and gear; meals; survival and field items; compasses; canteens and hydration systems; first aid; signaling equipment; flashlights; ponchos and liners; shovels and covers; firestarters; sleeping bags; camouflage; tape, cords, rope and tripwire; and water purification systems. Our clothing section includes patrol suits, facemasks, balaclavas and field jackets. Our climbing and rappelling gear includes harnesses, rescue gear and anchors.

When you buy from Special Forces Gear, you are assured the best quality in special operations equipment anywhere in the world. All our products come with 100 percent guarantee. Visit our online store at www.specialforces.com today.