Rescue Gear

... because you never know!

Rescue gear is used in diverse areas of operations such as recreational activities, sports, travel and emergencies. Ropes, ladders, rescue vests and harnesses are all life saving equipment you will need in crisis situations and you need to rely on them as a matter of life and death. The reliability of these products is extremely important, as you do not want your rope to snap when you are hanging on for your dear life. At Special Forces gear, be assured of the quality, dependability and practical design for a wide range of rescue gear since all the products are tied and tested in real life situations.

For adventure activities like climbing and rappelling, Rescue Rope Runners are available in two, four and six meters in length; they are strong and webbed which makes them extremely reliable. The SWAT/Ranger Rappelling Rope is a great rope with great tensile strength. Rescue ladders come in handy during almost any crisis situation. In an event of fire or any other emergency, these ladders can save lives! The steps remain open without causing 'foot pinching' and they can be linked together to increase length. Harnesses come in a range of designs suited for different activities. The Assault Harness is well suited for all rescue, military, SWAT and tactical applications; with adjustable buckles, it offers both safety and comfort. Rescue Chest Harness, Rescue Harness, SAR Harness, Tactical Rappel Harness, Technical Rescue Harness, Voyager Harness are all designed for specific uses.

Use the Op Vest as a survival vest while backpacking, hiking, hunting, boating, mountain biking or anywhere you may need it. The OP Vest is the ultimate survival vest with concealed compartments, which is designed to carry heavy loads comfortably giving freedom of movement. The Search and Rescue vest is also a life saving vest used typically for marine operations.

Books, at Special Forces give a lot of information on rescue operations and emergencies. 'SAS Active Library Emergency Medic' is an authoritative manual on emergency medical techniques and procedures for the treatment of injuries when professional medical care is not readily available. 'The SAS Survival Handbook' and 'SAS Urban Survival Handbook' and others give life saving tips for different situations.

Packs, Ascenders, Ropes, Knives, Survival Necklace, Strobe Light and Waterproof Match Case and many other items are designed for the outdoor requirements. Whether camping or indulging in adrenalin-pumping adventure activities, Special Forces Rescue Gear will never let you down. Order now and get the products delivered at your doorstep, because you never know when you will need them!