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You're right on target, if you are looking for an action packed book or manual that will get your adrenalin going and prepare you for live action on the field. You're sure to find various books that will thrill you with hands-on action and narration by experts in the field right here at Special Forces Gear.

Picture yourself billowing down in a parachute and landing in a strange village filled with unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar terrain. Now, how do you assist them, win them over, and mold them into an efficient fighting force? How do you and your team operate in a situation like this? Read 'Guerrilla Warfare', to find out how. This is an Online Military Manual that provides complete information and guidance on unconventional warfare operations. It also gives you loads of information on the Special Forces Gear organization, concepts, and methods of operations. All the basic concepts of unconventional warfare are covered and it has an interesting narrative style to keep you captivated.

Perhaps martial arts is more your style! If so, get ready for 'Hand-to-Hand fighting', a book developed by the U.S. Army S.F, gives you fundamental principles, purposes, and techniques of Karate and Tae-Kwon-Do. This Online Military Manual is easy to read and provides valuable information on hand-to-hand fighting techniques. The illustrations and diagrams make every technique very easy to understand and informative. In fact, you would be practicing the techniques even before you can finish reading the book!

If the challenge of reaching a mountain top is more like the stuff your dreams are made of, then you should read the book on 'Military Mountaineering'. This book is designed to help you become an expert mountaineer; whether it is alpine, desert or jungle terrain. 'Jungle Operations' is also an informative adrenalin-pumping book, which gives you exciting accounts of jungle operations and training.

At Special Forces Gear, you find many informative online military manuals; particularly our training manuals that give you a true representation of live action on the field and how to handle yourself. Ranger Handbook encompasses extracts of doctrinal publications and a compilation of tactics, techniques and procedures taught in the US Army Ranger School. Choose from many other topics on training as well - Sniper training, Map Reading and Navigation, Military Mountaineering and Green Beret Compass Course among others. Also find books on American Special Forces, Bomb Squads, Special Operations Aviation, Encyclopedia of Handguns and many other such interesting topics.

At Special Forces Gear, every online military manual and book covers uncommon and hard-to-find topics. Experts who have experienced it all first hand have written them especially for you. Therefore, you can be sure about their authenticity and factual details. Although many of them are written with the US armed forces in mind, they are also being increasingly used by adventure lovers, for all the valuable information that they provide.

So, isn't it time for some action? Go ahead; pick up the best online military manuals on live action only at the