Cheap Tactical Gear

Lets make one thing clear... our Tactical Gear is not cheap - it is top quality yet inexpensive! If you love adventure, you're probably familiar with the typical high costs associated with gearing up for adventure and survival activities. The fact is that much research and development goes into making the most practical and durable gear for tough conditions, and our years of experience and technical know-how has allowed us to keep our costs low. Dave Thomas, a veteran of the U.S Army's Special Forces having vast experience in tactical gear and equipment, founded, and offers high quality products at affordable prices. You can choose from a wide variety of tactical gear to suit a range of adventure activities such as rock climbing, hiking, hunting, fishing and more. offer quality OP Vests, sturdy and waterproof storage cases and harnesses of all kinds at relatively cheap prices! Make no mistake, our quality is top-notch even at our lower prices. You can also find Military vests, holsters, survival rigs, belts, packs, pouches, slings, medical gear and many more in a variety of models and colors - depending on your recreational and/or adventurous activity of choice.

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