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Air Operations ONE

We at Special Forces Gear knows how THE US NAVY is no slouch in special ops on the sea, in the air and on the shore.

Did you know that the Last time that US sailor heard the order ” prepare to repel boarders!” was during a collision of a Nazi U boat and a USN Destroyer, after a full out ship-to-sub surface deck gun battle in the WWII North Atlantic? The Specialness of the Forces in that operation was that theGerman sailors were determined to defend their honor by any means including the desperation of a throwing lines up onto the US Destroyer; but more imprtantly the US Destroyers Skipper's decision to belay that now legendary order whiich included issuing his sailors with Cutlasses and small arms and to defend the ship from being over run by their countered Kreigsmarine boarders charge. Guess the Krauts never heard about how Marines would feel after coming home from a liberty drinking with sailors!

From Revolutionary War Sloop raiding privateers fighting pirates; to World War II PT Boat launched and commando raids in the South of France and the Philippines and UDT operations in the pacific; SEAL Teams and their SDVs, Submarine and Small boat insertion ops…. The Oceans and seas do belong to the Navy.

The twin cannon of the dreadnaught, symbolic of the awesome maritime firepower... 'Sea Wings' denote the swiftness and speed a Navy Vessel can dispatch across high seas...The Line and anchor symbolic of the Navy's ability to to extend US Power and hold it all together… thousands of miles from home AND should ye old observer be an enemy to our nation who thinks that a sailor is some meek deckhand not seeking action--let the jaunty tilt of a the signature ‘Dixie Cup ‘ over the eye patch of our toothless ‘ Roger’ tell the observer you’re a sailor whose pride runs deep and who knows only victory, never defeat!

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