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Dave Thomas - Special Forces Gear, Military Field Jacket

In the military there are special elite groups of highly trained, extremely intelligent and physically athletic men, with extraordinary skills and knowledge who perform secret missions and special operations that most people would consider unthinkable.

From parachuting behind enemy lines undetected and infiltrating into countries where peace is threatened, then performing swift strikes in stealth, these men risk their lives constantly to protect and preserve our precious freedom.

LTC Dave Thomas, the founder of Special Forces Gear, is one of those men. Dave served as a member of the Special Forces (Green Berets) and Airborne Rangers (1st Ranger Bn.), two of the most elite fighting forces in the world. He is offically retired but still active in the Special Operations Community.

Military Field Jackets, Survival Jacket

Dave explains his purpose: "Completing the mission and surviving is always the goal. Revising and improving my equipment makes my goals more reachable. I started Special Forces Gear to give others the benefits of my experience.

All of Dave's designs are based on equipment developed and modified by and for the Special Forces fighting forces and actually used and tested on missions. Dave recognized the need in civilian life for some of these superior designs and improved on their utility, comfort and appearance.

Now you can enjoy the safety and comfort of owning Special Forces Gear and take heart in the knowledge that you possess the finest, most durable tested clothing and equipment in the world today.