18F-SF Intelligence Sergeant - - Special Forces Team

18F-SF Intelligence Sergeant

Designation 18F SF Inteligence Sergeant: In the secret world of the ODA commando business, operations planning and intelligence are crucial as being to operate silently. For every operation which gets a green light many more never get off the ground. A crisis may pass. The intel may not be determined good enough. The risk, too high. Asset's unavailable. Or--- some other group gets the mission. Intel Sergeants analyze assess and set up liaisons between intel assets back home and on the ground. The Death Head in Cloak with Dagger illustrates the great legacy SF has become from the World War Two secret organization, OSS and the clandestine operational Special Mission units operating behind enemy lines. Two Arrows against the flash and crest laden Beret adorns Death Head; three lighting bolts against a formidable survival knife. One color graphics.

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