18B-SF Weapons Sergeant - - Custom Designs

18B-SF Weapons Sergeant

Designation 18 Bravo - SF Weapons Sergeant: Strip 'em. Repair 'em. Build 'em. Clean em'. Know their quirks and make 'em perform like the factory doesn't...Oh, yes - and teach others to do the same along with shootin''em well too!

Be it a exotic, black market or customized firearm; light or heavy weapons; the Weapons Sergeant is the ODA's master of firearms. He is also the master of tactics the ODA will employ. From a M-4 carbine to a Walther 2000 in 7.62 NATO; South African R-5; an AT-4; an suppressed Mark 23 or a tried and true 1911 -- the 18 B is the ODA's man. Our Shirt comes with a belt fed FN M240 B crossed with a Remington 700. Flash and crest laden Beret adorns Death Head; three lighting bolts against a formidable survival knife. One color graphics.

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