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18A-SF Detachment Commander

18 Alpha. Team Commander:

The leader of an ODA follows a similar selection that the enlisted soldier does - the Q course, SERE School, the Robin Sage --- then for a two month period, alternating between extreme physical endeavors and classroom study of Special Forces Doctrine and leadership drills; SF officer candidates spend most of the time being pushed by instructors who test their endurance, navigation, tactical skills and the ability of the new leaders in making sound decisions under the stress of unconventional warfare while knee deep in unknown and or hostile territory, thousands of miles from any military authority. They seek leaders who are self determined, can do people like, the men they will lead. 18-A's This T-Shirt is for you!

Becoming a Special Forces Officer is tough... just ask our fearless leader at Special Forces Gear!

Two arrows against the flash and crest guilded beret atop the death head; three lighting bolts against a formidable survival knife. Single color graphic.

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