160th SOAR - - Special Operations

160th SOAR

Swooping down from the sky in the dark of night...in from the dark of night... Deploying oprerators or destroying targets without anyone seeing you arrive you are the 160th operator; a special operators in and out ticket...but a helluva lot more! one of the most special avaiation units the world has ever witnessed.

The disparate elements of the special aviation unit became a battalion of their own on 16 October 1981, designated the 160th Aviation Battalion. Formed out of some of the best Army aviators of the aviation battalions. The unit immediately embarked on an intensive training program in low level, night, operations.

However, because of the constant attachment and detachment of units to prepare for a wide variety of missions, it was popularly known as Task Force 160, nicknamed "The Night Stalkers."

The training tempo of TF 160th was many times higher than any other aviation unit in Army history.Maintaining unparalleled training standards, the aviators of the 160th, , have set the pace for all of Army aviation. Night operations at low-level have become the norm for this unit. Night Stalkers have responded to challenge after challenge and met every requirement. Their motto, "Night Stalkers Don't Quit" accurately describes this newest member of the special operations community.

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