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Rothco Relaxed Fit Zipper Fly BDU Pants
Rothco Tactical Duty Pants
Rothco Tactical Duty Pants

Starting at : 49

Rothco MA-1 Flight Jacket
Rothco MA-1 Flight Jacket

Starting at : 44

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Customer Testimonials

Hi! First of all, I'm not one of your High-Speed Operator customers, I'm just a civil engineer working in Taiwan. I first know of your product since my days serving as an infantry 2Lt of our army, I used one of your small pouch for my compass which was given to me as a sovenior from a U.S. friend.

And now as a civil engineer, I still kept the pouch for my pencils and odds and ends. A couple of weeks ago I ordered some E&E bags from you, I am now using them to keep my drawing and equipments with me at site. Just feel satisfied that your innovation work so well in a civilan world, too!

And your ordering and shipping services are quick!

Thanks again!

YANG from Taiwan!