• Manufacturer: Atlanco
  • Model: AT4587
  • $1.75





Survival Matchbox can hold enough matches for a weekend trip or any survival bug-out bag. It is made from lightweight and durable plastic, giving it plenty of wear and impact resistance when out in the field exploring. They feature a waterproof top with rubber gasket to create a watertight seal that has a mini signal mirror on the inside of the top. Also, comes with an emergency fire starter flint on bottom and can be used a pill box if necessary.

  • Waterproof top with rubber gasket
  • Mini signal mirror on inside of screw top
  • Striking flint secured to bottom
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Great for camping, a bug-out bag and more
Model: AT4587
Manufacturer: Atlanco
Shipping Weight 0.03000000 lb

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