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Amber Writes:


I appreciate your kindness, thank you. It will definitely be used.

I will spread the word of Special Forces Gear around the camp. :)

Thank you.


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Military Uniforms

Military gear at its finest!

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Military gear at its finest!

There are a number of reasons that individuals select military gear as their clothing option. One of those reasons is appearance. Form and function drive the design and production of military uniforms and accessories. These items take into consideration the importance of proper cover and concealment. That means selecting items for hunting or paintball give you the tactical advantage of a soldier in the field. Military gear also has a trim, efficient look to it. For many, there is an element of nostalgia in their selections. More than nostalgia for many, they remember the functionality and comfort of the clothing they used in the field. There are times outdoors that your clothing and gear can make the difference in safety and comfort. For others, it is an opportunity to share in and honor proud traditions.

Another significant factor in selecting authentic clothing is the engineering and science behind many of the fabrics and designs. Strict rules and standards govern the process of selecting uniforms, accessories and other issue items. The term military specifications, or milspec, describes an item designed for military use. It indicates that an item designed and produced for use under the most rugged of circumstances. Tests of milspec products are conducted in multiple environments and every conceivable situation before going into production.

Clothing and gear designed and manufactured for Special Forces use take the milspec designation to the extreme. The gear used on mission by the Special Forces can have a zero failure rate. Durable and ruggedness are essential. At the same time, it has to deliver comfort and convenience to avoid any unnecessary strain on the warrior using it.

A last reason that weighs in the favor of military items is the importance of value. Prices are always relative to quality. Most military items are fabricated from high quality material made to last. Purchased in very large quantities, volume generally means getting the lowest possible price per item on quality gear. When compared to most civilian gear, the value is readily apparent.

When it comes time to get outfitted, select gear designed and manufactured to perform from the get go and to keep on performing. Our selection of military uniforms and gear includes many items being used in the field today. They are proven combat-effective, the highest standard for any product. When you get reliability combined with attractive pricing, you are getting great value.


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