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Customer Comments
I am a Cpl. in the Army and just returned from Iraq. I carried my shotgun all year on my back in your shotgun scabbard, and it worked great! I was glad to have it around several times, and it proved to be an easy way to keep the shotgun handy for the squad. Thanks for your great product, and for your support of our troops!!

Cpl. C.R. [omitted]
36th Infantry Div.

Got the T-shirt....IT ROCKS!!!!

Thanks guys
kelly [omitted]

Dear Sir, The Falcon Chest Harness finally arrived to me at Camp Taji, Iraq. Thank You! It is now set up for fitting over my IOTV and Battle Ready!!!

[name omitted]

(already the guys are asking who to order one from, so you might be getting a few more requests!!!).

Dear SF company.

Thank-you for sending another t-shirt it looks great the boys in the unit will want one when they see it. I'll be sending them right to you.

Thanks again.

Another happy customer
Bob Miller

When I was stationed at Camp Pendleton I was in Weapons Company 3/5. The unit made us t-shirts with the 3/5 logo/emblem/crest, "Consumate Professionals". I was honorable discharged in 1999 and the t-shirt has been long-gone. I searched a couple of web site to find a shirt with the logo/emblem/crest but there was no luck. It didn't take me long to search this site before I found what I was looking for. When the shirt arrived it was better than what I expected. I love the t-shirt and wear it with pride and often. Thank you SpecialForces.com

Most Sincerely,
Bryan P.

Thank you!!!

Your Shirts are the best.


Dear SFG,

Thank you for being so prompt with my order, and the refund as well.

I thought a little constructive thoughts were in order.

The "HRT" boot knife is well constructed. I had to "hone" the edge though, both sides,to get it up to spec.

As for the "GI USMC Combat Knife"......Well, it wasn't really a K-Bar, at least not one that I've ever seen. It read "US", and above that it read "Ontario". No worries though, after I used a ceramic sharpening stone on both the small back edge and the full length edge, I'm quite pleased with them both. Oh, I almost forgot, both were very pretty well balanced.

I'll be purchasing again from you in the near future.

Ed Whiteside

Dear Special Forces

I received my order i have to say that is better than i expected! Thank you and you'll hear fom me soon.


They turned out GREAT!!!!!! Thanks. I will be back for other things.


Thanks Folks. As always you have been most polite and professional. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Jack And Melanie Edgar


OMG! That looks awesome! Is there any logo on the front? Can I buy these off the website? I'm sure a lot of SWCC guys are going to want these!

Thank you,

Amanda Van Every


We love the art work. They are awesome. I'll be ordering mine right after this. Thanks for all the work. I am recommending you guys to all the other battalions and ODA's.



Just to let you know all items have been recieved, fantastic quality as all ways.

Cheers Andrew and best wishes for the New Year.

Welcome to the new Special Forces Gear News Letter! Each month we send out a lot of information and great deals, and to make it easier to read, we've written a summary of the longer articles in this email.

Dave's Message


 The Leader and Worry 


The Pathway to Fear

311 iran ship  


Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind,
and has given up worrying once and for all.
Ovid (43 BC - 18 AD)
Roman poet

311 iran shipDuring the WWII Burma Campaign, Col. Charles N. Hunter was the true commander of Galahad - the code name for the U.S. Army 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), better known as Merrill's Marauders. Colonel Charles N. Hunter had been with Galahad from the beginning, first as its ranking officer, later as its second ranking officer after the addition of General Merrill. Then, when General Merrill suffered a heart attack, it was left to Colonel Hunter to command it during its greatest trials; because of this, Colonel Hunter was the individual most responsible for Galahad's record of achievement.


In the ominous atmosphere at Hsamsingyang, one of Colonel Hunter's officers asked, "Aren't you worried for fear we'll be trapped by the Japs coming up on the east? Don't you ever get scared?" General Hunter, who set down the principle that an officer should keep his fears in his foxhole, silently contemplated the soldiers of the 3rd Battalion S-2, then replied, "Wait 'til you've had twins."


Worry is the interest paid by those who borrow trouble.
George Washington

United States President


Worry is a destructive force, one that every leader must resist. When a leader indulges in worry, problems feed on themselves. We need a definition for worry so that we all agree on what it means. Worry is to give way to anxiety, unease, or fear; to dwell on difficulties or troubles. Worry is anxiety or uncertainty concerning actual, potential, or even imagined problems. Worry sees both real and nonexistent problems, and sees them as much larger than they are. Worry offers nothing positive, regardless of any situation. Worry is worse than useless.


Except for those fearless soldiers (none of whom I would want at my side in combat; fearlessness is a dangerous psychosis), all of us have experienced worry and anxiety. Most of us, however, aren't aware of just how destructive worry really is.


Here are some very real and serious consequences of worry:

  • it creates problems, and destroys solutions
  • it can turn the most courageous man into a coward
  • it is a very dangerous mental state that feeds on itself
  • it is mental torture every bit as bad as physical torture, and it is always getting worse
  • it is easy to worry; it becomes a destructive habit that is very difficult to break
  • it causes self-hate, which also becomes a destructive habit that is very difficult to break
  • it results in unhappiness, which leads to feelings of worthlessness and destructive behavior, both to oneself and to others
  • it hides all that is good in life, and corrupts what it cannot hide
  • it creates enormous frustration
  • it drives away all who would help
  • worry results in total inaction, which always ends in disaster

What worries you controls you.


For a leader consistently to be without worry, he must be highly motivated, as motivation counteracts worry. Worry causes inaction, whereas motivation causes action. Action solves problems before they become worrisome.


There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person only sees problems, and a concerned person solves problems.


Concern should drive us into action and not into a depression.
No man is free who cannot control himself.

Pythagoras (c. 570 BC - c. 495 BC)

Greek mathematician and philosopher


A leader must know the differences between worry and concern if he is to realize when concern begins to become worry. Some crucial indicators that this change may be taking place are:

  • worry distracts; concern is attentive
  • worry prevents planning; concern enables planning
  • worry prevents clarity; concern enables clarity
  • worry gives up; concern keeps trying
  • worry overwhelms; concern takes it step by step
  • worry turns inward; concern turns outwards

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of life is learning mental self-control - control over what we think, and how we think. Self-control is necessary regardless of the task. We are what we have done, and what we think. If we think wrong, disaster invariably follows. Self-control banishes worry.


The most important difference between worry and concern is summed up in one concept - fear. Worry causes fear; concern creates courage.


When we have nothing to worry about we are not doing much, and not doing much may supply us with plenty of future worries. 

Chinese proverb


A leader must never be idle. It causes loss of discipline, as well as trouble. Most important, it creates fear, which can become completely debilitating. A leader will use knowledge, wisdom, boldness, discipline, principles, and motivation to overcome fear.


A leader has the proper attitude. In a so-called "natural leader" this attitude is inborn; but it can be consciously developed. Whether innate or acquired, the result is the same. He must always be developing solutions, because problems are always getting in the way. A leader must never attempt to solve all problems at once; instead, he must solve tomorrow what he cannot solve today.


Many simple things can help fight off worry. Always be grateful whenever it's warranted - if you begin to worry, remember that there a many who would jump at the chance to help you. Worry makes every situation worse. Let your thoughts control your emotions instead of letting you emotions control your thoughts. Help people who need it - not only is it kind and thoughtful, it's eye-opening, as well, because you'll see you don't have as much to worry about as you thought. You're also doing something very positive, and that creates courage.

The next time worry begins, examine your situation rationally, not emotionally. You will see that either your situation isn't as bad as worry said it was; or, if it is actually that bad, you're a step ahead because you've already begun formulating a solution.


Without being explicit on the subject, one of the best commentaries on the relationships among concern, worry, and fear is in the following blank verse sestet:

Cowards die many times before their deaths;
The valiant never taste of death but once.
Of all the wonders that I yet have heard,
It seems to me most strange that men should fear;
Seeing that death, a necessary end,
Will come when it will come.
William Shakespeare

Julius Caesar: Act 2, Scene II

Worry doesn't help tomorrow's troubles, but it does ruin today's happiness.







Worry is like a rocking chair - it gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere.


When I look back on all the worries I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which never happened.  

Winston Churchill (1874 AD-1965 AD) 
British politician



Do you remember the things you were worrying about a year ago? How did they work out? Didn't you waste a lot of fruitless energy on account of most of them? Didn't most of them turn out all right after all? 
Dale Carnegie (1888 AD-1955 AD)
American writer



Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.  

Plato (427 BC-347 BC)
Greek philosopher



When we have nothing to worry about we are not doing much, and not doing much may supply us with plenty of future worries.  

Chinese proverb



Do not worry; eat three square meals a day; say your prayers; be courteous to your creditors; keep your digestion good; exercise; go slow and easy. Maybe there are other things your special case requires to make you happy, but my friend, these I reckon will give you a good lift.  

Abraham Lincoln (1809 AD-1865 AD)
United States President



Early in my business career I learned the folly of worrying about anything. I have always worked as hard as I could, but when a thing went wrong and could not be righted, I dismissed it from my mind.  

Julius Rosenwald



Fear nothing but what thy industry may prevent; be confident of nothing but what fortune cannot defeat; it is no less folly to fear what is impossible to be avoided than to be secure when there is a possibility to be deprived.
Francis Quarles 


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Feed Back

I would have added two more characteristics that lead to naivete
 in leadership.

First, a leader must not hold himself aloof from his men. True, he is above them in the chain of command, but that is not what "aloof" means. Arrogance and aloofness are related, but not identical. In this sense, a commander is aloof if he is detached from his men, chooses not to notice them, and gives orders as though his men are machines and unaffected by weariness, cold, heat, hunger, thirst, etc. A true leader is completely aware of the circumstances of his men because he shares those same circumstances. He is aware that the "conveniences" he has because of his rank are there for the sole purpose of assisting him in the performance of his duties, and his men are also aware of that. His men are willing to follow him because they know he is with them, not aloof from them. I and the men under my command would have followed our captain into Hell itself if he had so ordered, because we knew his asbestos underwear wasn't any better than ours! A leader is above his men in the chain of command, but he is very much with his men as well.

Second, a commander must be aware that he can be killed. I've known too many officers who did not take that precept to heart; their combat deaths led to unnecessary deaths among the men under his command simply because he did not have plans (yes, plural: plans) in place to deal with the situation if he was killed. This is different from the standard military hierarchy. Everyone knows that the second-in-command steps into place when the boss is out of action (whether dead or injured), but the crucial nexus of communication and coordination of the battle plan is gone--the now dead commander was an integral part of the mission! The entire battle plan must now be changed instantly! A commander must work out ahead of time what the new battle plan must be if he is dead or injured, and his men must know what that new plan is. A force cannot function without its commander unless that commander has worked out a plan to deal with that eventuality.

Following your message is the following quote:
"A nation that draws too broad a difference between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking being done by cowards and its fighting by fools." - Thucydides     

I almost fell out of my chair when I read this because when I had to leave the military (serious combat injury--I was very much with my men), the career I took up afterwards was that of university professor! My research has always been in the area of secure communication methods--which are desperately needed by the military. A secure communication method is one that cannot be destroyed by the enemy, and one that prevents its messages from being understood by the enemy; that is, it is physically hardened (I'm talking tank armor), its protocols can work around damaged or destroyed components, and all its messages are encrypted. I no longer teach, but I can still do research, and I am researching/developing on an encryption method that is at the cutting edge of the field. I had to leave the military, but I've never left it behind.

You may find this interesting: One of my closest friends was in the very first class of sailors to be trained as UDTs--the "Naked Warriors". He is 89 years old (I'm 62), and he's told me many stories about WWII, and he is undoubtedly the bravest man I have ever known. I started out in the Army, and eventually became a Green Beret; a few years later, I "stepped sideways" into the Navy, and became a SEAL. I tell you this to let you know that I, having been a SEAL, am extremely proud to have this in common with my friend. He will soon lose himself to Alzheimer's Disease (in my opinion, the cruelest and most horrible death possible), but I will never lose him. When a man who is or has been an honorable member of any of our Special Forces leaves this world for the next, a part of him remains behind in those who continue to uphold the Honor of our Nation's Special Forces.



Portraits of Valor Tibor Rubin Story
Portraits of Valor Tibor Rubin Story

Special Operations Forces Capability Demonstration
Special Operations Forces Capability Demonstration

Submarine Live Fire Sink Exercise HMCS Victoria (SSK 876)
Submarine Live Fire Sink Exercise HMCS Victoria (SSK 876)

Word of Truth
Love Part II (cont. from June) 
The Word Of Truth - Alive and Powerful

By Rev G.J. Rako



Last month we discussed two categories of love directed toward people. Personal and impersonal love, both are true in romance, friendship and the casual acquaintance.

Personal love is directed toward only a few people in your life. Impersonal love is (should be) directed toward all the people in your life. Impersonal love requires integrity on your part and is manifested by toleration for all. Even toleration of those people you cannot personally stand. I am sure you have been in an organization where somebody, full of themselves, wishing only to hear the sound of their own voice just made you want to cram a sock in their mouth. However, you demonstrated good manners and decorum, bit your tongue and allowed them to ramble on about nothing. Congratulations, you just applied impersonal love to an otherwise intolerable person who was sucking all the air out of the room. This is a person who offers no redeeming characteristics. There is nothing about him that is attractive to you. In fact, he is very obnoxious.     


I don't like you but, I love (impersonally) you. Your character, virtue, integrity, and stability of soul have allowed you to tolerate this pinhead. Personal love on the other hand demands that the object of your love display attractiveness to you. You are inextricably drawn to them. Their beauty, character, thinking, something about them moves you, the way they walk, talk, laugh, or look. You are attracted to them. This is personal love.


Personal love also demands the application of impersonal love. Stay with me this is where the concept of love gets tricky. The one whom you personally love will eventually display their sin nature. This will happen sooner rather than later. They will do or say something that annoys you. At this point of annoyance, you must apply impersonal love. It may be something as simple as leaving the cap off the toothpaste tube, or they may reveal some perceived character flaw. Now if you are going to continue in personal love you must treat them from the integrity or virtue in your soul and overlook or tolerate the things that are annoying.   


Most human love is shallow, empty, and dependent on our continued attraction for the object of our love. Once that object displays behavior or thought that is repugnant to us, our disappointment results in ending the relationship.


This is because we are self-absorbed and lack integrity in our own soul, thereby, having no way to tolerate the flaws of the object of our love. Impersonal or virtue love overcomes the shallowness of our personal love, which is virtue dependent. With virtue love, our personal love is not dependent on the attractiveness of the object alone, because we are able to tolerate and overlook the flaws of the one we love.   


Impersonal love toward all mankind based on the integrity of our own soul is the key to all true human love. The greater our integrity, the greater our capacity to love.


For the believer in Jesus Christ, "we love, because He first loved us." (John 4:19)Without personally loving God, we can never hope to love anyone, personally or impersonally. Moreover, our love will be that shallow, unstable, selfish, fleeting, infatuation that disappears like vapor the moment the object of our love disappoints us in some way. Personal love for God provides the capacity for genuinely loving others both personally and impersonally.

The scripture commands us to love God.


Deut. 6:5 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul, and with all your might.


The disciples asked Jesus, which was the greatest commandment. His answer quoting the Old Testament is found in many books of the New Testament.


Matthew 22:37 And He said to him, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind."


Mark 12:30 "and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength."


Luke 10:27 And he answered, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself."


You cannot personally love someone you do not know. How can you know someone you cannot see? God is revealed in the Word of God. You can know God through the consistent study of the Bible. This is the only means of knowing and loving God.


Love is maximum concentration; it is thinking and the expression of that thinking. Love is not empty emotion devoid of thought. The thinking of God is revealed to us in the Bible (1 Cor. 2:16). We are commanded to replace our flawed thinking (human viewpoint) with the thoughts (divine viewpoint) of God.


Phil. 2:5 Have this thinking in you, which was also in Christ Jesus,

We were born physically alive but spiritually dead. When we received the free gift of eternal life at the moment of faith in Christ we became born again. At that moment of faith in Christ God gave you forty things. One of those things was His very own life. God imputed to you eternal life. You were born again and given a new life. You were physically born helpless, a baby that needed nourishing, nurturing, instruction and discipline so you could mature physically and mentally. Therefore, it is with the new spiritual birth that you were born spiritually; a baby in need of spiritual growth so that you may mature spiritually.


God, in His never-ending grace toward us has a plan and system whereby we can mature spiritually. We can never love God without fulfilling His plan for our lives. Furthermore, without loving God we can never genuinely love anyone else. God has a perfect plan for your life. It is an individual plan that consists of blessings designed specifically for you. Before you were born, in eternity past God saw you through the corridors of time and created abundant blessings for your life. These may include all the things associated with happiness in time. Things like; friends, family, spouses, houses, cars, jewelry, money, professions, promotion, approbation, etc... The things God has prepared for you are not the same things God has prepared for me. Our lives are different and unique, so also our blessings are different and unique. These blessings are given to us as we gain capacity for them. We gain capacity for things and love by growing spiritually.


Ephesians 4:13 until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature, which belongs to the fullness of Christ.


1 Corinthians 2:6 Yet we do speak wisdom among those who are mature; a wisdom, however, not of this age nor of the rulers of this age, who are passing away


Hebrews 5:14 But solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil.


Ephesians 4:14 As a result, we are no longer to be children, tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of false doctrine, by the trickery of men, by craftiness in deceitful scheming;


Luke 2:40 The Child continued to grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.


2 Peter 3:18 but growing the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  


There is one part of His plan that is the same for every believer; the means by which we attain spiritual maturity and the resultant capacity for life, love, and happiness.


God's plan for man:

  1. God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:9)
  2. Once a believer in Jesus Christ we are to grow spiritually (Luke 2:4, 2 Peter 3:18).
  3. God has given to each of us at least one spiritual gift (one of forty things we receive at the moment of salvation). That spiritual gift is given for the edification (building up) of the church (universal). Ask yourself if you are edifying the church.
  4. One of these spiritual gifts is the gift of pastor-teacher. The purpose and function of this gift is to study and teach the Word of God so that the church may grow to spiritual maturity and in doing so their spiritual gifts will begin to function and benefit the church. God then is able to use these prepared believers. He can bless them because their spiritual growth produced capacity for life, love, and happiness. God is glorified when He is able to bless us. The more you grow spiritually, the more you love God. The more you love God, the more capacity you have, the more God can bless you. The more God blesses you the more God is glorified by your life. I have heard Christians say "oh, no blessing for me, I am happy to be a worker for God." Well awe, shucks, if God doesn't bless you He is not glorified by your pathetic, insignificant life and you are not fulfilling His plan but have decided in arrogance that your flawed plan is better, which only leads to discipline (Heb. 12:6) and misery. God uses prepared believers. He gave you a spiritual gift to build up the church. If you are not being used and blessed by God, then there is a breakdown in your spiritual life. It is time to get back on track.
  5. Find a Bible church where the pastor studies and teaches the Word of God. Avail yourself to the accurate teaching of the Word in fellowship (filling of the Holy Spirit 1John 1:9).

John 4:24 "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit ( filling of the Holy Spirit ) and truth ( doctrine )."  


Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ


Ephesians 3:19 and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.


1 John 2:5 but whoever keeps His word, in him the love of God has truly been perfected. By this we know that we are in Him:

God's perfect plan for our lives will unfold like a flower when we make the Word of God a priority in our lives. The blessings He will pour out on you are unimaginable.


1 Corinthians 2:9 but just as it is written, "Things which eye has not seen and ear has not heard, And which have not entered the heart of man, All that God has prepared for those who love Him."


Rom. 8:38-39 For I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The many blessings of God include true love in your life, both your understanding of love and the function of true love in your life.



Contact Reverend Rako >>  

Blue Warrior
Blue WarriorBlue Warrior


Tactical Life Saving &  

Active Shooter Incidents



A single man, James Holmes walks into a movie theatre prepared to inflict death and carnage on innocent victims sitting in disbelief as he unleashes his vicious attack. This Lone Wolf meticulously planned his assault as he tossed smoke or gas devices into the crowded theater, and then fired his 12-gauge shotgun at the ceiling before turning it on the crowd. As panicked movie watchers raced for the exits, he switched to a .40 caliber pistol and a .223 caliber rifle to further his devasting murderous assault.


Then Holmes exited out of the theater through the door he had entered and was removing his body armor beside his car when he was confronted by officers who took him into custody.


This coward left in his violent wake 12 dead innocent souls and 58 injured victims at the midnight showing of the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" at the Century 16 Theater in Aurora, Colorado.


Law enforcement over the past dozen years have had the unfortunate task of responding to such horrible events. We have developed and continously improved our active shooter response models. Most officers get active shooter training and many now carry patrol rifles. It's common to see a "go-bag" on the passenger floor board of a police cruiser driven by a well prepared Warrior.


Where law enforcement is still slow to catch up with our military counterparts is combat casulty care. Imagine that this movie theatre was in your town and you were the first responding officer, are you prepared to start treating 58 gunshot wound victims? Do you have the training and first aid equipment needed in such an event?


The fact is most EMS will be overwhelmed during the initial response to this event no matter where you patrol. The active shooter incidents in this country time after time occurr in suburan cities and leave mass casulties. We can make a small difference in the survivability of these victims and perhaps our own with some simple training and first aid gear.


Tactical Life Saver training or Tactical Combat Casulty Care is not expensive. Many organizations provide this type of training throughout the country ranging from a single day to a week. This training isn't designed to make you a Paramedic, Tactical Medic or any other EMS responder. TLS provides every first responder the ability to treat a gunshot victim with some basic life saving first aid tactics "until" Paramedics, Tactical Medics or other EMS can provide the life sustaining advanced medical care to keep these innocent victims alive.


Every law enforcement officer in this country should be trained in these life saving Tactical Life Saver skills!


The TLS training should be as routine as the basic first aid instruction such as CPR and AED that officers receive annually. I am tired of the EMS community taughting that patrol officers can't perform these functions. Any person sworn to uphold the laws of this country, trained and graduated from a police academy is smart enough to be taught how to place a pressure bandage on a gunshot wound. My six year old has helped me apply tourniquets to training simulators while preparing for a course. The fact is every law enforcement officer in the United States can perform these simple, life saving tactics to help pro-long a victims life until advanced medical personel can take over. This is proven by the Military's TCCC data since they started training every combat soldier in Tactical Combat Casualty Care and the battlefield deaths have significantly decreased. Surely, we are just as capable as any military recruit in basic training to learn and perform this skill set.


Many police agencies like mine are providing this training to their officers. However, you may not be aforded that opportunity and your next option would be to attend a training session from a local police academy or police trainer.


A few objectives that you will want to make sure the training provides are:

  1. Priorties of the Tactical Life Saver
  2. Outfitting your "go-bag"
  3. Remote assessment operations
  4. Officer rescue tactics
  5. Airway management for massive facial & neck injuries
  6. Penetrating chest trauma such as sucking chest wounds from gun shots
  7. Hemorrage control for bleeding victims
  8. Hemostatic agents use
  9. Tourniquet use
  10. Shock control


These are some of the basic skills and tactics used by our Armed Forces to help save the lives of there combat buddies. TCCC does not take the place of combat medics, it simply enhances the soldiers ability to mimimize battlefield deaths. The same applies for law enforcement, its not meant to replace Tactical Medics, Paramedics or EMS, it is meant to provide a chance that an officer can sustain life of a gun shot victim or any other victim for that matter, until advanced treatment arrives.


May 22nd 2011, Joplin Missouri a tornado levels the small town of 50,000 residents. First responding officers arrive to the devastating scene and soon discover that they are overwhelmed with injured people, dead bodies, walking wounded, trapped victims in buildings, multiple fires and much more. Many police and fire personnel found themselves victims of the tornado as well, which further hampered first aid response.


Police officers and rescue crews dug through piles of splintered houses and crushed cars searching for victims of a half-mile-wide tornado that ultimately killed 162 people when it blasted much of this Missouri town and nearly destroyed its hospital.


You can listen to the first responders and the radio traffic of that incident on-line. Listen for yourself and then ask the question, am I really prepared for such an event?


There are many resources available such as books, training manuals, courses and trainers available on the subject. The necessary equipment will cost you anywhere from $50 to $100 and in no time you will be ready to save somebody's life. The skill set used in TLS is useful at home, on accident victims and in the outdoors. Make the investment in somebody else's future and get the training. They will be grateful and you will be prepared.




Stay safe,

Sgt. Glenn French  


About the author


Glenn French, a Sergeant with the Sterling Heights (Mich.) Police Department, has 22 years police experience and currently serves as the Team Commander for the Special Response Team, and Sergeant of the Sterling Heights Police Department Training Bureau. He has 14 years SWAT experience and served as a Sniper Team Leader, REACT Team Leader, and Explosive Breacher. 


He is the author of the award-winning book "Police Tactical Life Saver". The 2012 Public Safety Writers Association Technical Manual of the year. Glenn is also the President of www.tacticallifesaver.org.    


Glenn has instructed basic and advanced SWAT / Tactical officer courses, basic and advanced Sniper courses, Cold Weather / Winter Sniper Operations and Active Shooter Response courses, Tactical Lifesaver Course and others. Sgt French served in the U.S. Army. During his military tenure Sgt French gained valuable experience in C.Q.B., infantry tactics and explosive breaching operations.


Leading Concepts
Project Planning -
Missions, Projects, Tasks, and Goals 


  • You can only count on luck to achieve so much. For the rest of your goals and objectives you must learn to plan effectively. No mission, project, task, or goal is ever achieved to its fullest without a good plan.
  • Before you can create a plan you must first have a Vision and recognize where you want to go. Your Vision of where you want to go and what you want to achieve, is the focal point of your plan.

Step 1: Create a Vision or Receive a Mission

Identification of goals - How do you create a vision? What do you do after you're given a task to complete from your manager? Some people seem to simply know where they want to go, where the team needs to go, where the business needs to go and where their life needs to go. Other people need to work a little harder to identify these destinations. Listen to your gut, trust your experience, and picture in your mind's eye a vision of where you want to go. Step two will fall into place and the process is the same for each vision you create or mission/task you receive.


Step 2: Draft the Heads-Up & initial time-table

A good heads-up requires covering four general sections of information: Situation, Goal, General Instructions, and Specific Instructions. The heads-up addresses everyone involved and affected. Be thorough and realistic in your completion of each section below:

  • The Situation: An overall assessment of your current status. Once you know where you want to go, you need to conduct a good assessment of your current status. Clearly identify the current situation and be completely honest about it; tell it like it is. Remember, identifying the current situation is the first major factor of leadership. Don't forget to include others' perspectives and use all your available resources (PET: People, Equipment, Time) to accurately determine the current status. The situation should also include an assessment of any known obstacles at that time. Identifying known obstacles allows you and your team to pro-actively plan and prepare for dealing with them as you set out to accomplish your goal.
  • The Goal: A definitive statement of what is to be accomplished and the deadline (No Later Than (NLT) time) for completion. Clearly identify the goal and be specific about what is to be accomplished. Be sure the goal statement is clear, concise and to the point. Take time to ensure everyone on the team succinctly understands it forwards and back, and that there are no misunderstandings within the team; ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • General Instructions: For Groups, Sub-Teams, and other Departments -- Identify your PET (People, Equipment & Time). In this section you will begin to identify, in general terms, a priority of events and the resources needed to take the first steps towards successfully completing your plan and putting it into action. Provide direction to your team and team leaders (anyone who leads a sub-team) by providing guidance about preparations needed, information to be gathered, others that must be informed, and so on. Select pieces/tasks you can delegate to those most suited to accomplish them successfully and independently. Issue assignments to others including completion times. At this point, you also need to establish a tentative schedule or time-table for everyone to follow. The time-table can and likely will be modified along the way. However, an initial time-table is always needed early in the planning process because it helps keep people on track and focused. At a minimum the time-table must reflect the No Later Than (NLT) time of completion for the overall task/goal and the current time now. These are your two most critical times, the difference between them is all the available time you have to work with. Start with the overall goal NLT time and 'backwards plan' to your current time. Sequentially fill in the tasks that need to be accomplished along the way and when each is to be completed by. The time-table will serve as a measurement tool that helps you and your team stay focused. It will be used to chart progress and raise flags if you fall behind or get off course. You may find it helpful to identify a team member to be responsible for time-table updates, progress, changes, and alerts along the way.
  • Specific Instructions: Key Individuals and Team Leaders -- In greater detail, identify what you need to share with your key team leaders including any specific tasks you intend to delegate to them. Be sure they know your expectations and how you can be contacted should they need your assistance, support, or additional information.

"Heads-up" Summary:

  • What you have just created is your initial plan of what is to be accomplished, by whom and when. Now it's time to gather the team and communicate it. Once communicated, ask key leaders to paraphrase (brief-back) information to verify complete understanding.
  • Sub-teams, departments and groups should be busy completing tasks delegated to them in the General Instructions section of your initial plan. This may include gathering and/or disseminating information, organizing teams and collecting/identifying additional resources that are needed for the successful completion of the goal. Key individuals and team leaders are ensuring all the pieces are coming together, paying specific attention to the time table and staying focused and completing any specific instructions that you delegate to them.
  • While team members are completing their General Instructions tasks, you are completing the "execution" piece of the forthcoming detailed plan. You are pulling all the data together, outlining in detail the road map, and identifying who will drive, when, and how far.

Step 3: The Detailed Plan

The detailed plan contains five sections: Situation, Goal, Execution, Support, & Communications.

  • The first two sections are essentially repeats of the tentative / Heads-up plan, with updates, modifications, changes and added details that have occurred since the Heads-up was first communicated to the team.
  • Execution - this section is your main responsibility. It is the most crucial piece of the plan and it is essential that the entire team understand it. A good Execution section of any plan contains thorough: Details, Sequential Organization, Identification of Roles & Assignments, Plans for dealing with known obstacles, Rally Points (when and how we'll regroup if we deviate), Focus on Accountability
  • Support - this section identifies other areas in the organization that may offer assistance to the team or be a resource that can be utilized if necessary. This section informs the team of who, what, where, when, and why and how to obtain needed services and support.
  • Communications - this final section includes contact information and identifies proper communication channels, methods, and mediums.

In summary, the process works something like this:

  • Create the Vision or receive a Mission from your manager.
  • Complete the Heads-up. This is an information tool used to give everyone involved a "Heads-Up" and get the ball rolling. Therefore, at a minimum, it must include whatever information or directions required and a time-table to track your progress. Begin with the end in mind.
  • Communicate to the team. Bring everyone together and communicate the information.
  • Finalize the Detailed Plan. The detailed plan includes everything involved: who, what, when, where, why and how-start to finish, for successful completion of your mission/task/goal.
  • Communicate the Detailed Plan. Share the detailed plan with everyone involved.
  • Monitoring and Progress. Keep the whole thing moving forward and measure progress as compared to your time-table.
  • Remember these key items as you proceed:
  • Be sure everyone on the team shares the same understanding of all aspects of the plan.
  • Spot check to ensure delegated tasks are completed and to required standards.
  • Do "Brief-Backs" - ask team members to summarize their role and other aspects and details of the plan.


  • As a leader you must ensure successful completion of the mission - it is your responsibility.
  • At times you may lead; at other times you may follow.
  • You may be required to remove barriers and obstacles that get in the way. You may be a liaison to your manager, providing status updates along the way.
  • And don't forget your coaching responsibilities. As a leader you must ensure that you are growing your people for tomorrow's challenges.
  • To be a successful leader you need to know how to plan.
  • Finally, remember: People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.

Lead the way!



About the author: Dean Hohl has been leading teams and coaching individuals professionally since 1993. From '88 - '92 Dean served with 3rd Ranger Battalion during which he helped in the removal of Manuel Noriega in 1989 when he parachuted onto a hostile Panamanian airstrip.

He graduated Ranger School with honors earning one of two distinguished "Merrill's Marauders" awards; an award earned only by two each class and chosen by his peer group for demonstrating exceptional teamwork, leadership, and communication under long periods of stress and pressure - often the result of days without food or sleep - throughout the entire 72 day course. Dean completed his Ranger service with honor at the rank of Sergeant.




Warrior's Wisdom

   Demonstrate Compel Victory
Darkness had closed over the tents of the Macedonians, when Alexander's veteran general, Parmenio, came to him, and proposed that they should make a night attack on the Persians. The King is said to have answered, that he scorned to filch a victory, and that Alexander must conquer openly and fairly. Arrian justly remarks that Alexander's resolution was as wise as it was spirited. Besides the confusion and uncertainty which are inseparable from night engagements, the value of Alexander's victory would have been impaired, if gained under circumstances which might supply the enemy with any excuse for his defeat, and encourage him to renew the contest. It was necessary for Alexander not only to beat Darius, but to gain such a victory as should leave his rival without apology for defeat, and without hope of recovery. The Persians, in fact, expected, and were prepared to meet a night attack. Such was the apprehension that Darius entertained of it, that he formed his troops at evening in order of battle, and them under arms all night. The effect of this was, that the morning found them jaded and dispirited, while it brought their adversaries all fresh and vigorous against them.

Alexander's victory over the Persians was fulfilled that day. Alexander had great insight on how to achieve true victory.
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Aesop's Fables
TWO MEN were traveling together, when a Bear suddenly met them on their path. One of them climbed up quickly into a tree and concealed himself in the branches. The other, seeing that he must be attacked, fell flat on the ground, and when the Bear came up and felt him with his snout, and smelt him all over, he held his breath, and feigned the appearance of death as much as he could. The Bear soon left him, for it is said he will not touch a dead body. When he was quite gone the other Traveler descended from the tree, and jocularly inquired of his friend what it was the Bear had whispered in his ear. "He gave me this advice," his companion replied. "Never travel with a friend who deserts you at the approach of danger." Misfortune tests the sincerity of friends.

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Quotes & Jokes

"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death." 
Thomas Paine in The American Crisis, 1776


When I look back on all the worries I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which never happened.

Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

British politician



Do you remember the things you were worrying about a year ago? How did they work out? Didn't you waste a lot of fruitless energy on account of most of them? Didn't most of them turn out all right after all?

Dale Carnegie (1888-1955)

American writer



Nothing in the affairs of men is worthy of great anxiety.

Plato (BC 427-BC 347)

 Greek philosopher



Do not worry; eat three square meals a day; say your prayers; be courteous to your creditors; keep your digestion good; exercise; go slow and easy. Maybe there are other things your special case requires to make you happy, but my friend, these I reckon will give you a good lift.

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

 Politician. President of the United States



Early in my business career I learned the folly of worrying about anything. I have always worked as hard as I could, but when a thing went wrong and could not be righted, I dismissed it from my mind.   

Julius Rosenwald 



Early in my business career I learned the folly of worrying about anything. I have always worked as hard as I could, but when a thing went wrong and could not be righted, I dismissed it from my mind.   

Julius Rosenwald 



Fear nothing but what thy industry may prevent; be confident of nothing but what fortune cannot defeat; it is no less folly to fear what is impossible to be avoided than to be secure when there is a possibility to be deprived.

Francis Quarles 



Fear nothing but what thy industry may prevent; be confident of nothing but what fortune cannot defeat; it is no less folly to fear what is impossible to be avoided than to be secure when there is a possibility to be deprived. 

Francis Quarles 



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  • 1000 Denier Nylon Construction
  • M.O.L.L.E. Compatible
  • Hook & Loop Strips For Name & Rank Tapes
  • Padded Shoulder & Waist Strap With Adjustable Sternum Strap
  • Hydration System Compatible
  • 20"x12"x8"


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Frame Style: Floating Half Frame
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Lens Color: HD Brown
Adjustable Nose Piece

Highlights: Great Overall Sporting & Recreation Glass
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Micro-fiber glass pouch included
The finest $100 sunglasses you can buy for under $50!


  • Lenses provide 100% optic clarity (De-centered lens)
  • Styles offer HD (High Definition) Lens Technology
  • Lenses provide complete UVA & UVB protection
  • Frames are made from Grilamid TR-90 & designed using an 8 to 10 Base Curve
  • "Formed Fit" for comfort
  • Temples & Nosepieces are made from a hypo- allergenic material and coated with an Anti-Bacterial agent for heavy perspiration environments
  • Exceeds ANSI, OSHA & Military Impact Specifications
  • Lenses are "Ballistic" rated

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SERPA CQC w/Matte Finish

Product #BH4105


[Patented 5,918,784 and other patents pending]


Featuring a unique speed-cut design, the CQC Carbon-Fiber Holster allows for smooth draw and easy re-holster without slowing you down. The patented SERPA Auto Lock™ release delivers unparalleled weapon security and is automatically positioned to facilitate a correct drawing motion, making it the
perfect Level 2 retention holster for concealed carry.

* Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock™ release
* Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique
* Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security
* Speed-cut design allows rapid draw, target acquisition, and re-holster while keeping eyes on target
* Includes belt loop and paddle platform
* Increase your holster's versatility with the SERPA Quick Disconnect System Kit (sold separately)


Note: For the S&W 5900/4000 weapon, this holster only works with the ROUND trigger guard for that weapon 



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The First Practical Pistol Bayonet

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SERPA CQC Holster w/Matte Finish  


Bayonet designed to fit onto any medium or large frame pistol.
- Produced by Ka-Bar in conjunction with LaserLyte
- Fits all medium to large frame pistols
- Universal Quick Detachable Design
- Slides on and off easily
- Full tang design
- Custom molded sheath   

Weight: 2.6 oz.
Blade: 2.75"
Overall: 5.75"
Handle: 30% Glass Filled Nylon
Blade: Medium Carbon Steel
Blade Finish: Black Oxide, Teflon coated

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U.S. Marine Corps
Multi-Purpose Bayonet

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  • 8'' BLADE, 13 1/2'' OVERALL



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Sniper Data Book

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The Sniper Data Book features 14 pages of formulas, conversion tables and charts on range estimation, wind, moving targets, and angle fire. Also includes data sheets for zero summaries, cold bore shots, zeroes, bullseye, stationary, unknown distance, and moving targets. Various mission sheets and a barrel log are also included. For 7.62 mm NATO/.308 and .300 Win. rifles.


Features Mil-Spec materials and construction. Printed on 20 lb. bond, tactical green Rite-in-the-Rain paper. Cover made of polydura plastic with black plastic spiral ring. 128 leaves, 256 pages, double the size of most competitors' books.


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Professional Commando Watch-1880 - White AQUAFORCE DIGITAL - DUAL TIME

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Professional Commando Watches are the latest addition to the BIANCI collection. This spectacular professional commando watch (also referred to as a special ops watch or special forces watch) features a Swiss chronograph movement, an all stainless case and band, white textured dial, date, and screw-down crown. This affordable designer watch is water resistant and includes a three year manufacturer's warranty.


Clichs of Socialism
"The government can do it cheaper because it doesn't have to make a profit."
As any schoolboy knows, if there are two or more manufacturers of widgets supplying a given market, the one whose costs of production are lower will be more likely to profit from his work. And the one whose costs are higher may just break even or show a loss instead of a profit.  
        In markets for most goods and services, competition for customers tends to keep prices down. Each seller has to meet or beat competition pricewise if he expects to sell his wares. So, the one who can produce and market an item more efficiently stands the better chance of attracting customers and gaining profits. Profits, in other words, are not something a producer arbitrarily adds to his costs of production to arrive at a selling price. The selling price is determined by competition; and profits, if any, are earned by cutting costs and operating efficiently.
  Now, it may be that there are so few willing buyers of widgets-so little market demand for them-that no producer could possibly make and sell them at a profit. So, there wouldn't be any free-enterprise production of widgets. Whereupon, some widget enthusiast will come forth with the recommendation that the government do the job, arguing that the government can do it cheaper because it doesn't have to make a profit!
        The hard facts of life are that if customers really want something, the price they are willing to pay will be high enough to allow one or more producers to make and sell the item at a profit. But if there are no willing customers for an item, there will be no production or to buy it at a price higher than he'd freely pay.
        Let us suppose that there is a demand for widgets, and that the price is high enough to afford one or more producers a profit. In all probability, there will be one or perhaps several less efficient widget makers just breaking even or showing loss instead of profit. Total production is enough to satisfy the market demand at, let us say, a dollar a widget. What if the government starts producing profitless widgets in this situation, and the price drops somewhat? Immediately, the less efficient widget makers are out of business-bankrupt. But the most efficient private operators may be able to sell at the lower price and still make some profit.
        In any event, the profitable operators in any business are not the ones who keep prices high. It is the high-cost, profitless, marginal producer whose costs of production have to be covered by the market price in order to call forth his limited output and thus balance supply and demand at that price. And that marginal, high-cost producer is always the first to be driven out when the government enters the business.
        There is no evidence that any government ever has made a profit in any business venture. This is merely to say that economic activity is not within the competence of government. Indeed, it's impossible to tell what the true costs of production are whenever government force is substituted for the interaction of supply and demand in a free market. One thing is certain: any taxpayer who believes that his taxes are too high is in no position to argue that the government can do a thing cheaper!

What Has Really Changed?
Where is that country we used to know?..

In the America of yesterday you paid your debts as quickly as possible, and went without things, to do it. You disciplined your children-but disciplined yourself, first. You spent less than you earned, and demanded your government to do the same. You went to church, your children to Sunday School, you held daily prayers-and no court would have dared to interpose any law into your private religion. You would have been horrified at (and quick to change) men in high places who made "deals". You expected to prosper only by doing a better and better job. You obeyed the law-but took active enough part in government to see that the laws were just. You "walked softly but carried a big stick". And that was the character which brought this country victory in three wears in your lifetime, built it back from a shattering depression, and fed and saved the civilized world. Is there enough of it left, to do it again?

 Dogs of War 
311 iran ship311 iran ship311 iran ship
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1812: The Navy's War


With the bicentennial commemorations of the War of 1812 ongoing there is sure to be a wave of books covering the conflict on the way. I don't pretend to know the merits of these future publications, but I can recommend one that is already available at a bookstore near you. 1812: The Navy's War, by George Daughan, gives the War of 1812 the treatment it so richly deserves. Despite the title the book doesn't limit its scope to the naval action of the war, but broadens to include the politics and land war, which makes it a must read for anyone trying to understand that period in American history. 


For a sense of author George Daughan's scholarly yet readable style as well as the story of how the USS Constitution earned her nickname "Old Ironsides," enjoy the following excerpt.


The Constitution had a complement of 456 men and was rated at forty-four guns but mounted fifty-six, including thirty twenty-four-pound long guns on the main deck, twenty-four thirty-two-pound carronades on the spar deck, and two long eighteen-pounders at the bow. (Carronades were small, lightweight cannon with wide, short barrels that had a limited effective range of less than five hundred yards but fired large-caliber projectiles.) The Guerriere - undermanned as most British warships - had a crew of only 272, not counting the Americans aboard. She was rated at thirty-eight guns and carried forty-nine. On her main deck thirty eighteen-pound long guns were mounted, and on her spar deck she had sixteen thirty-two-pound carronades, two long twelves, and a twelve-pound howitzer. The Constitution's broadside in weight of metal was a potent 762 pounds, while the Guerriere's was a bit more than 550. The quality of the officers and crews of both ships, which in the end would make the difference, could not be so easily measured.



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The First Fast Response Cutter
The first of the Sentinel class is operational and homeported.

The Coast Guard's leadership says that the commissioning of the first new Sentinel-class fast response cutter (FRC) is ushering in a long-awaited and critically needed Coast Guard capability.


That era officially dawned on April 14, 2012, as the service brought the first ship in that class, the Bernard C. Webber (WPC 1101), into the operational fold in a ceremony in full view of downtown Miami, Fla., and into the shadow of commercial shipping and passenger vessels over which the Coast Guard routinely watches.



The ship was put into service by its crew of 23 Coast Guard crewmembers commanded by Lt. Cmdr. Herb Eggert, who has been working on the fast response cutter program since the service first started designing the ship in the mid-2000s.

Looking on as the ship hoisted its traditional commissioning pennant was a large contingent of senior city and senior government officials, as well as many friends, acquaintances, and admirers of the ship's namesake, Chief Warrant Officer Bernard C. Webber, USCG (Ret.).


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The U.S. Navy of 2030

Looking ahead is always daunting; crystal balls are not what they once were. If you were looking 20-odd years ahead in, say, 1975, when the Soviets seemed to be doing rather well in the Cold War, would you have imagined that the Soviet Union itself was not long for the world? On the other hand, you probably would have understood the potential for technology.


The two big developments were better command and control through more powerful computers, and stealth. The most important U.S. Navy systems of the early 1990s were already embryonic in 1975. You might even have noticed that a lot of the technology around you seemed to be improving more and more slowly. In some way, once the easy quick steps had been taken, it took longer and longer for a great deal of technological effort to make a visible difference.


We have a Navy for three reasons. One is that we want to deal with threats as far from the United States as possible. Only a navy can stay in place near foreign shores, on a sustained basis, without local permission. Our crystal ball is unlikely to tell us what problems we will face in 2030, but we certainly expect to remain a world power, and world powers always face foreign problems. This first reason is sometimes called presence (for deterrence), and sometimes power projection (when deterrence does not work). Ballistic-missile submarines exemplify presence. The most recent form of power projection has been the war in Afghanistan. In case that does not seem very naval, remember that without the fleet in the Arabian Sea, we would not have been able to fight in Afghanistan in the first place when we got there in 2003.


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US honors S. Korean killed in daring  
rescue mission
Kim Jae-gwon, daughter of late Kim Jae-hyun, right, receives a certificate of appreciation from retired U.S. Army four-star general, Walter L. Sharp at the Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, June 26, 2012. The U.S. military said Kim, then 28-year-old civilian, volunteered to engineer a train carrying 30 commandos on a mission to save Maj. Gen. William Dean on July 19, 1950. Dean had been surrounded in Daejeon by North Korean soldiers after the North invaded on June 25 to start the Korean War. The train made it to the Daejeon station but the mission failed. U.S. officials said Kim and 27 of the commandos were killed. (AP Photo/Hye Soo-nah) (Hye Soo-nah)

SEOUL, South Korea - U.S. military officials are honoring a South Korean train engineer who died on a dangerous mission to rescue an American general in the early days of the Korean War.

U.S. Eighth Army Commander Lt. Gen. John Johnson on Tuesday gave relatives of Kim Jae-hyun the U.S. Defense Secretary's Exceptional Public Service Award.

The U.S. military says the 28-year-old civilian volunteered to engineer a train carrying 30 commandos on a mission to save Maj. Gen. William Dean on July 19, 1950. Dean's division had been surrounded by North Korean soldiers in Daejeon during the North's push south after invading on June 25 to start the Korean War.

The train made it to the Daejeon station but the mission failed and Dean was later captured. U.S. officials say Kim and 27 of the commandos were killed.

Four seconds in Afghanistan:
Was it combat, or a crime?
A seasoned Army sergeant makes a split-second decision to stop a possible bombing. Now he's stunned to be charged with negligent homicide.


Sgt. 1st Class Walter Taylor's life collapsed in four interminable seconds in a dusty field in central Afghanistan.


His convoy was reeling from a roadside bomb, his fellow soldiers were engaged in combat with insurgents - and a mysterious black car had just screeched to a stop in the middle of the firefight. Some nine minutes later, a black door opens.


Second 1: A figure dressed in dark, bulky clothing emerges.


Second 2: The figure begins walking toward the trunk.


Second 3: Taylor, with five wounded comrades behind him, sees a thin trigger wire seeming to snake directly toward the black car. Could there be a second bomb in the trunk?


Second 4: Taylor squeezes the trigger on his M-4 carbine. The figure crumples to the dirt.


The figure was not an insurgent, but Dr. Aqilah Hikmat, a 49-year-old mother of four who headed the obstetrics department at the nearby Ghazni provincial hospital. Also dead inside the car were Hikmat's 18-year-old son and her 16-year-old niece. Hikmat's husband, in the front seat, was wounded.


Army prosecutors say Hikmat's killing in July 2011 was not just a casualty of combat, but a crime. Charged with negligent homicide and dereliction of duty, Taylor will face a hearing June 19 before a U.S. military judge in Germany to determine whether the case goes to a full court-martial, with the possibility of three years in prison.


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